Why I Still Keep A Workout Log – Check The Reasons

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How are you today? It’s always nice to talk to you on regular basis. First, thank you for taking the time to read my series of tips. I’m sure if you’ve really taken note of what you’ve learned with me so far you should be seeing some great improvements. I know you have a busy life and this is why I like to keep these email tips short but informative!

You can know about the best fat burners for the purchasing of the supplement. The information is real and accurate for the people. The exercises are the best choice and option available to the people. The implementation of the correct tips is beneficial for individuals.

But remember all the knowledge you have won’t give you anything without “Action”. I know some very smart people, but despite being smart they are overweight. Their nutrition habits are horrible and they know it. They don’t do any exercises but they always say they want to lose weight. This is why they are in this situation – they don’t take “Action”. Without action all your knowledge will come to nothing. Remember this.

I don’t know if you think all the tips I give you are just good for you and I don’t apply those to my lifestyle. But trust me, I walk the talk! This is the best way to stay connected with my clients.

The other day I was doing my workout and one of my old clients – I haven’t seen see him for at least 6 months- was surprised to see me writing down the weight I use and the number of reps I do for each exercise. He asked me “You still write down your workout?” Of course I do! This is the only way you can keep track of your progress. Let’s say you do a different body part for your workout and do 3 or 4 exercises for your chest workout and each exercises is 3 set of 8-12. So you have to remember how much weight you used at your last workout and for how many repetitions. If someone tells me he remembers it all without writhing down, then I can tell you they don’t push enough and they probably always use the same weight and do same number of reps every time. Remember , to get results you have to challenge your muscles. It should be hard to complete your number of reps you need to achieve, and that makes it hard to remember!

So trust me, all the advice I’ve given to you since we start this series of tips – this is the post 68 – I do everything so far. This is my life. I will never ask you to do things that I don’t believe or I don’t do.

Make sure you read the tips, but the most important thing is to take “ACTION”. I know so many people who told me they want to do this and that but nothing happened. They forget the word ACTION. If you learn something you can take some notes, but it’s more important that you try them at your next workout. Do not just read the tips, you have to apply them to be successful!

James Deakin lives in California USA. He is an author of two famous novels, Rage of Angels and When Tomorrow comes. He is also the founder of