What Are The 5 Best Ways To Save Electricity?

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In the present time, there are many houses where the electricity bill is going high day by day. Therefore, the owners of these houses prefer to use different techniques so that the consumption of electricity can be reduced.

Why do people want to save electricity?

Nowadays, you can see every people want to save electricity and does not wish that there is no wastage of electricity. The reason is that if people save electricity, they can reduce their electricity bills and can save their money. Also, in this way, they concave the environment, which would be beneficial but not only for them but for all.

5 cost-free ways of saving electricity

In the present time, there are many electric suppliers such as octopus energy and many more who supply the electricity in many regions. They charge a lot of money for the supply. And if you want to save your money, you want to use cost free ways of saving electricity. Here are 5 costs free method for saving electricity-

  • Switch off fans and light when not required- In the present time, according to research, 18 percent of the average household’s annual electricity is consumed by lights and fans. So, even if you use any energy saving bulb, you would turn it off after using it.

  • Open the curtains-It would be beneficial for you if you open your curtains in the daylight hours and allow sunlight to come. The reason is that the sun is the ultimate source of energy, and it can light up your whole house in the morning timer.
  • Don’t use atumble dryer- The tumble dryer consume a lot of energy. And also not beneficial for your clothes. By using an outside cloth line, you can save lots of money, but also, the UV light you will get outside will kill the bacteria present over your clothes.
  • Don’t use your washing machine till it gets full-In the present time, if you want to save electricity, make sure you don’t use your washing machine more and more. The reason is that the washing machine consumes a lot of electricity which can increase your electricity bill. So, there try to use the washing machine less, which you can do by not using it until it gets full.
  • Only fill up kettle with amount of water you require- There are many ways to do so. One of the most significant ways is by using the built in meter present at the side of some kettles. Fill the kettle with the water you required and mark the water level in the meter with a pen or anything else. In this way, you will boil only the needed water and can save water as well as electricity.

Suppose you want to reduce your electricity bill and want to give less money to electric suppliers such as octopus energy. In that case, you need to follow some cost free electricity-saving techniques.

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