Tips for Clan Wars!

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Choose The Right Members

For you to quickly progress in the game it is always important to keep in mind that that the true getting ready stage begins not on the war itself but before it. So when it is advisable to choose your members to participate in the war ahead of time. It is a privilege to participate in a clan war and not a right so always make sure that you get spot in the clan war. It is not advisable to take new members and players that are not playing real hard on weekends. Don’t forcedly mandate any member to participate because clan war is a serious thing in the game.

Start Right

Another strategy tip that you need to consider is to begin at the right time. It is better to start the war right away when most of the members of the clan are online. This will help the clan members to see that a battle is about to start. This will also make them excited because it is easier to discuss and publish rules. Afterwards, the battle will be on its last counting minutes so it is advisable to end up the battle  when everyone is online.

Reward Success

Reward Success

It is important to uphold the value of respect, sportsmanship and recognition in the game. One of the best ways to keep the clan motivated and connected is to reward success. So always remember to commend the player after a great attack. You can reward by sending clan messages or by giving them Elder position with the name of the best attackers. Those leaders of the team in the game should do all the necessary action / things just to keep the clan motivated. Always keep in mind that for you to achieve success and victory, unity and teamwork are the main keys.

Accept Failure

Rewarding success is crucial for the team to be motivated. But what if there is failure? Well, just keep in mind that losing is part of any game. Whether you are playing Dota, CR, MOL or any other games, failures and losses will come along the way. But as a responsible player, it is really important to know to accept failure. Accept that everyone is entitled to commit mistakes so don’t just simply let go the players. Instead, communicate with them, talk about strategies, communicate with them what went wrong and explain strategies for attacking enemies better in order to help them develop their skills.

Watch Replays

One of the best ways to learn and improve your gameplay is to watch replays. This will help you learn your mistakes and formulate strategies on how you can make better strategies. Aside from watching your own replay, you can also watch replays of matches between the best players in the game. This will also give you an idea on what techniques work and what techniques do not. You may also opt to check some of best tutorials online. This will help you to improve your strategies so you can do better in your next clan wars.

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