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The Use of Customised USB Flash Drives in Business

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Businesses today are looking for more promotional advertisements that are unique and budget-friendly that may be of great help to promote their market. 

There are times when businesses want to flaunt their company by using identical uniforms, tarpaulins, or anything that is huge and astounding. However, there are companies who are lowkey proud and want to be unique in their own way by creating simple office items as company-customed office items. 

In the early years, flash drives with logos were used as simple advertisements and it was proven effective in some cases. Due to the effectiveness of the idea, the number of suppliers and sellers, such as in the case of infinitikloud have grown in a large number.

Most suppliers used wood as an alternative covering for customized flash drives. Since by using wood instead of plastic, they can help in saving nature from further use of more plastics. 

When buying these products, there are factors that you should consider. Listed below are some of those factors that you should look into:

  • Quality

This is one of the important things that you should really consider. Why? Because what’s a good looking flash drive when the quality is very low? Do you really want to flaunt the company logo with something that is in low quality? As they say, the office says what the company is. 

In order to secure a good quality Flash Drive, make sure that the supplier has (if possible) the newest technologies in creating such Flash Drives. By knowing these, you can rest assured that their product qualities are great.

  • Storage size

Storage size of the flash drive is also one that should be considered. Although in an office, files are usually in formats of word, exe, and ppt. As these are the important ones and usually used in a company. However, there are times when videos or pictures are stored in flash drives for possible use in any project proposal.

Also by having huge storage size, you can prevent using a lot of flash drives, which could save you money if you are budget-wise. For example, your flash drive is only having 2gb of storage and your file is at 3gb, by this situation, your best choice is to use 2 flash drives with 2gb of storage, which I believe, is too much of a hassle, specially when you are in a middle of company meeting/proposal. However, when you have a flash drive that can handle much bigger data, the hassle of transferring and combining the files will diminish.

  • Portability

Flash drives are named as they are because they are small, fast, reliable, and portable. So in terms of portability, be sure that your customized flash drive is easy to bring and can be proudly flaunted. 

Flash drives uniqueness do come with a sense of pride. Some people choose flash drives that can say a little about their personality and style. Same goes to the company. There are times when companies are giving off everyday things in terms of promotional and advertisements. So be sure that these customized company products should say what the company is and make sure they are positive.

James Deakin lives in California USA. He is an author of two famous novels, Rage of Angels and When Tomorrow comes. He is also the founder of