Solving Everyday Problems with Five Dollars Per Task

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The continuing development in online experience has paved the way for the emergence of “job outsourcing” as a business strategy and a viable option for taking care of individual needs as they come knocking at the door. Online shopping no longer limits itself to physical and digital goods but has broaden its scope to “micro-services” designed to cut operational costs and save valuable time. This trend made it possible for businesses to run without the expensive burden of hiring additional employees to perform tasks that does not even require actual employee presence. It has also enabled ordinary people to find instant solutions to their needs from the comfort of their homes. The best thing is, it does not even involve spending too much of one’s hard-earned cash.

This so-called “outsourcing revolution” has changed the world’s commercial landscape forever. Micro-services sites, such as the highly trusted and most popular, provide platform for the buy and sell of small services which includes writing, graphics, advertising, marketing, research, consulting, and many other useful services that people may find amazing, not to mention others which borders between funny and bizarre. All of which starts at $5 a “gig”; the term which refers to a job or task in recent online parlance.

One good example is the task of making letters for business or personal purposes. Gone were the days of spending too many hours trying to construct the perfect letter such as those that concern job application, claims, resignation, demand, explanation, and other professional correspondence requiring specialized skill for maximum end results. Experienced freelance writers are readily available at one’s command on fiverr. Same is true with other related tasks such as article, speech, and report writing. Nowadays, tasks like conversion dollar euro is getting paid through the outsourcing revolution. This opens an opportunity for people across the globe to work and earn money at the comfort of their homes. It is also said to be a good contributor to our global  economy.

Before, business owners need to hire specialists to design their websites, advertise their products, sort their legal documents, and make their presence known online through social media marketing at very costly price tags. These are marketing and operational necessities that ensure a business’ survival in today’s internet-dependent market and all of which are available at much lesser price. Even legal consulting and other professional advising services are already being offered on a micro level as alternatives to paying large retainers and consultation fees.

On the fun side, the site does not merely lighten your work load and save you money. Oblivious to some, there are other services which could put a smile on one’s face and add colour to life. Gigs such as funny videos of someone singing birthday songs in outrageous costumes and accents or standing in the middle of New York’s Time Square holding a written sign of any message you want. From the professional to the hilarious, everything is there. The greatest thing though is that one is not confined as a mere buyer. Every user, regardless of country or geographical location, is given the chance to showcase their talent and do what they love best while earning part-time income. Though it does not promise instant riches, making it a main source of income is not far from possible. Many of the top-rated sellers earn $100 to $500 dollars a day due to their high customer rating earned through prompt delivery of unique and quality gigs. With hard work, dedication, and sincerity, it may well be a life-changing journey.

James Deakin lives in California USA. He is an author of two famous novels, Rage of Angels and When Tomorrow comes. He is also the founder of