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I’m not a doctor or any kind of medical practitioner; therefore, I cannot claim any authoritative medical knowledge of the topic I am about to discuss. What I shall relate here comes from a story told to me by a friend out of his own experience. He requested anonymity and I intend to respect his wish. This is his story:

I am what you might call a happy-go-lucky guy who likes to enjoy life to the fullest. I belong to a family of means so I have no problem financially to do what I enjoy most – partying and just hanging around with friends. Of course, being a man I enjoy the company of women. Physically and sexually, I am well endowed. Since a teenager, if I am strong-willed and a brute at times with my male friends, I am a weakling with girls – I easily succumb to their whims and caprices. It is the sexual attraction that made me lose my sense of logic and practicality with the opposite sex. When it comes to sex, I prefer older women. I had a few sexual encounters with girls my age or younger but nothing compared to the satisfaction of women with experience.I was in my early twenties then right after my college graduation when a few of my friends invited me for a night out to celebrate our graduation. Well, after a few drinks, we decided to enjoy ourselves in the company of women. So we went to the usual haunts of the women who sell sexual favors, or simply, prostitutes. We each chose one for us and brought them to a motel where we all had our fill of exciting sex till the wee hours of dawn.

A few days later, when I woke up one morning to pee in my bathroom, I felt some unusual hot sensation while urinating. I didn’t mind it at first but two days later the hot sensation at the tip of my penis worsen and I noticed some whitish secretion coming out when I pressed the tip. I suspected then what I feared most, that I may have the “clap”. I went to see my doctor that day and he confirmed that I had the STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease). He then gave me a series of painful penicillin injections with a stern warning to refrain from the sexual act or even masturbation for at least three months and to also stay away from drinking any alcoholic beverages.

The weak-willed guy that I was somehow got me into the same problem again barely a month later. Just three weeks after my medical consultation and first penicillin shot, I noticed all the symptoms are gone and everything was back to normal. So I went doing the usual thing of going out drinking with the boys and the usual fling with the women. And expectedly, the STD came back. I got the same treatment and some reprimand from my doctor. Stupid me, the same scenario was repeated two more times but the fourth time I came running to my doctor was to tell him that I got the STD again from my own hands – I masturbated! The last warning I got from him was that if I don’t change my ways it might affect my other organs including my reproductive capability. Out of fear I heeded his call and turned celibate and alcohol-free for maybe 5-6 months.

Not long after, I got married, settled down, and got a decent job to support a growing family. Sexually, I had no problem and even enjoying it with my wife. However, I noticed later something unusual in my sexual life. Without any intention, in the company of business associates while entertaining them I got myself a date with a prostitute for a night of sex. To my utter surprise, I never got a hard-on despite the sexiness and the attractiveness of my partner! Though feeling a little shame I gave her the excuse of having drunk too many and feeling tired from work. I just paid her and let that incident pass because when I made it a few times later with my wife, I was my normal self – sexually as I tried on Hyper Male Force, that you can also check out with the help hyper male force reviews. But then the same thing happened again on two more occasions with chance encounters with hookers. Somehow, with my wife and admittedly, during some extramarital affair with a former classmate and another from an officemate, I had no problem with sexual intercourse. In fact, they were to me still enjoyable and satisfying and, of course, mutually.

Feeling shy, I held on to this condition to myself not even consulting a doctor about it. I thought this was all in my mind – this selective impotence. Perhaps this is the result of past experiences, of fear from a dreaded communicable disease. Remember I contacted the disease just from one encounter but suffered several relapses of my own doing. I don’t experience any hard-on whenever I do it with a prostitute. Experimenting further, I did find it strange when I had sex with a woman successfully and with much satisfaction but later found her to be a prostitute.

In conclusion, I believe there is such a thing called psychological impotence which my friend had confided to me from his own experience.

James Deakin lives in California USA. He is an author of two famous novels, Rage of Angels and When Tomorrow comes. He is also the founder of