Ped Egg Foot Care Product Review

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After trying many different foot care products, the Ped Egg that is endorsed by the best Podiatrists in Bergen County, NJ was the most effective one I have come across yet. Attempting to scrub away with the sharp metal teeth, or sandpaper on a stick may take more effort than anticipated making a gross, white, flaky mess if not done over a trash can, and can be time-consuming as well. With the Ped Egg I have found it is not only more efficient but it gets the job done in a quarter of the time, leaving your feet soft and smooth. This foot file that you may have seen advertised on television is in millions of households today, and unlike several television advertisements it actually does what they say. You can purchase the Ped Egg today online or in some stores for usually around ten dollars.

The Ped Egg will work best if you read and follow the directions. Only ever use on clean, dry feet. Wet feet can cause the product to cause harm. Also go gently and try not to overdo it, when your feet feel smooth do not keep using it, you can make your feet a little tender. When you are done the best thing is to wipe your feet off and use a foot cream or lotion on afterward, and possibly even put on heavy cream or lotion then wrap your feet in socks to let it absorb for superb soft feet.

Most everyone I have heard from says only great things about the Ped Egg and how nothing else worked for them, few have complaints, and most didn’t read the directions. You can also read several reviews, most of which are very positive. The only other negative thing I have found other the sensitivity and discomfort of really overdoing it, would be if you do not empty the Ped Egg after each use or you hold it upside-down the skin shavings can fall out on the floor.

You can purchase replacement blades for around $3.00, also buffing pads can be purchased as well. If you are in an area where you have difficulty finding the replacements, the internet maybe your best option. The most affordable places to purchase the Ped Egg would be your local discount drug stores. They sell a foot cream with it for a little extra, it is just as good as any foot cream so whether you already have one or don’t want to purchase that specific one is fine.

No more than ten to fifteen minutes of rubbing this on your hard, calloused, dry feet and they will be smooth and soft. I find the best use is about once a week so that way you are not overdoing it but have constant soft feet. So if you have a foot issue that you need to smooth out this is the most recommended product out today.

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