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One Punch Man- What Happens When Hero Gets Too Strong?

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Plenty of web series are there to watch among which One Punch Man is the one with so many of great heroes and monsters. One punch man webcomic consist the story of a hobby based hero known as one punch man. His name clarifies everything as he can defeat anyone with his one punch but everything get tougher later on in his story.

Many new monsters take place and that makes it tough for the one punch man to survive. If you want to know more then all you need to do is stay till end with us. You will come to know about what happens when a hero gets too strong. Most of the people are still not sure what happens but we will going to tell you.

When a hero becomes stronger you wouldn’t come to see any difference in the appearance because getting stronger means in terms of power. You will notice many changes at the time of the battle as one punch man after getting stronger can defeat various monsters at once. The story of saitama begins by saving a kid from the reckless monster through a fist fight.

Signs of a stronger Saitama

Saitama trained so hard since he become so stronger in terms of power. Now he can defeat anyone in one punch without any issues at all. He can now beat down the enemies just like swatting mosquito which sounds easier than easy. He wanted to become more stronger because he wanted to bring joy back to his life.

After becoming stronger instead of getting the joy back he got more bored and depressed than before. This thing made him so angry and full of rage that he wanted to defeat down all the enemies in his area.

Saitama joined hero association

Later on in the story Saitama joined the Genos who was Cyborg and they together joined the hero association. It is an organization who protects the city by recruiting the superhuman. Saitama wants to protect the city by finding and beating down all the major villains around him. At the time of recruitment his written exam didn’t went well because of which he was classified as one of the lowest ranked heroes.

He occupied curious position

Instead of getting classified as lowest ranked hero he hold a very special place in the heart of everyone including his fans. Also he holds down the curious position in the superhero community which made him the popular superhero in the story. He is both stronger and funny at the same time which makes the story really funny and full of suspense.


Saitama is a protagonist which makes his more interested to finding the meaning of his life rather than engaging in any kind of random fistfights. His main aim is to bring joy and happiness  in life and for that he can do anything. One punch man is the wonderful story which is loved by plenty of people out there.

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