Myths And Facts About HGH Supplements

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Do HGH supplements work?

No, HGH supplements don’t work. This method of introducing hormones into the body is ineffective and dangerous to the body. People are fooled by the false advertisements and products the actors they see are all fake and a part of the scam.HGH supplements are said to reverse aging but there is no such existing evidence to date.

The FDA doesn’t approve the use of HGH in many industries, but still, these industries manage to produce and sell them across the globe. HGH is used for treating some of the medical conditions and these drugs are FDA approved.

What happens when we stop taking HGH?

HGH is known to stimulate the development of the human body, the improved HGH levels make the bodywork beyond its actual limits at that time. Therefore when a person stops taking HGH supplements they start feeling tired, irritated, depressed, and low level of energy more often reported in the interviews conducted by laweekly with the patients taking HGH supplements.

Are taking HGH supplements safe?

Synthesized HGH is used for making drugs and has proved to be safe and effective against many medical problems. But these drugs should only be taken when it is prescribed by the medical officer on proper examination of the situation.

Everything is good till the time it’s done in the limit, but as soon as the limits are crossed it can be worse. HGH is a good and effective hormone for body development but with the increase in the HGH levels the risks of diabetes also increase and may lead to the formation of cancerous tumors.

The excessive use of HGH causes harm to the heart and decreases the life expectancy of an individual. According to a survey conducted by laweekly, there are shreds of evidence that show that HGH supplements are more dangerous than being beneficial.

Do growth hormones make you bigger?

Yes, in some cases growth hormones do make you bigger. The use of growth hormones by adults won’t make them taller as the growth can be done till a specific age. And high doses of growth hormone can thicken the bones. Long-term use of growth hormones can result in a condition called acromegaly, a condition in which specific body parts get enlarged, mainly the forehead, jaw, nose, hands, and feet.

Does HGH improve hair growth?

Yes, HGH improves hair growth and makes them thicker and fuller. HGH is known to have a vital effect on the growth of human hair. The main reason why the hair starts getting grey or white is due to low levels of HGH but with the help of HGH injections the levels can be maintained and new hair can be grown.

Do HGH supplements cause weight gain?

It depends on the bodyweight of the individual. High doses of HGH are likely to result in weight gain, but with the help of exercises such as weight training a lean body mass can be maintained.

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