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The term stands for all creatures that can be fought or encountered during your journey in Minecraft. They interact with the world just as you do, and some of them may even use Minecarts!

You will need to use weapons in order to defeat them and, once you are able to succeed on this task, you will be rewarded with the dropped items from your conquer.

All present creatures will account for thirty-one in total, check my blog to learn all about these creatures.

These are displayed in the game like the rest of them, with the difference that they will never attack the player. Here we can find all the farm animals like the chicken, the cow, the ocelot, the sheep, the pig, and the horse. Also villagers, bats, mushrooms, and squids fall under this category.

These are also friendly, but that status can change if you attack them, and, under these circumstances, they will attack you back. Here you will find wolves, spiders, the Enderman, and the zombie pig-man.

What would be a horse if we cannot ride it? Minecraft knows it and, inside the game you can tame and ride your very own horse. Also, Wolves and Ocelots can be tamed.

These are the guys you want to stay away from as they will attack you without a doubt. Keep an eye open for Chicken Jockey, Zombie Villager, Wither Skeleton, Witch, Spider Jockey, Slime, Skeleton, Silverfish, Magma Cube, Ghast, Creeper, and Blaze.

They can be crafted by you and they will serve you and you can create either a Snow Golem or an Iron Golem.

They earn this tag by being the most dangerous mobs in-game. They will attack with powerful skills and defeating them can be hard. Here you can find the Ender Dragon and the Wither.

Among the ones you can find in the pocket edition you have: The Creeper, the zombie pig-man, the zombie, the spider, the skeleton, the sheep, the pig, the cow, and the chicken.

Those are the ones that are about to be added to the pocket edition of Minecraft are The wolf, the villager, the slime, the silverfish, the mushroom, and the Enderman.

The Ocelot, the horse, and the squid are planned to be added to Minecraft Pocket Edition in the near future.

This is the category for already programmed mobs that don’t appear in the game.

These are the ones that for different reasons got removed from the game, such as Rana.

Upcoming mobs like the Endermite announced in future updates.

If there are any prototypes for these, they will be listed here. For sure all players are always waiting for new ones to arrive and take part in Minecraft´s world.

This is the action of fighting the different mobs that are part of the game. Either if you decided to attack a passive mob or you are being attacked by hostile mobs, you will need to engage in combat.

Those that spawn in the darkest places inside Minecraft. Here you will encounter zombies, skeletons, spiders, creepers, and Endermen.

Mobs that are found in the Nether, the lava and fire part of the world, and of course, all of these mobs are immune to fire damage. Here you have the ghast, magma cube and zombie pig-man.

This is the category for all those that will appear in a specific location.

These kinds of mobs are the witch, the silverfish, the slime, and the cave spider.

Only two mobs under this list and they are the Wither Skeleton and the Blaze.

AI stands for artificial intelligence and each mob inside the game has its very own way to behave. This allows them to interact with items and the environment in general.

Hostile mobs will attack if you step into their sight range, no matter what you do, they are going to attack.

These mobs will not attack you and will just have an easy life enjoying the environment, like farm animals will eat the grass and stay under the sun.

Neutral mobs may attack you as most of them can be considered as hostile, with the difference that a few of them can be tamed.

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