Minecraft Shut Down- Last Lap of the Game

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Who doesn’t want to enjoy his time sitting at home during weekends after 5 days of office? It has become easy to work from home ever since the Covid-19 induced lockdown last year where people have now learnt to come out of their comfort zone and get down to basics.

Peace and quiet have become two alien entities that mankind is searching for but is unable to find it due to immense work pressure that tends to drain all the juice out of you after hours and hours of spending time in the office staring at the computer or working on important project files.

Luckily, times have become easier to manage in the long run since the past year and even though the burden has not quite reduced, it does become easy to rest a while at home without the fear of having your boss swoop on you from out of nowhere, which brings us to the topic of Minecraft.

Mining Venture

What makes minecraft such an important game that it merits an entire article of its own? Well, there are many things that can be discussed about it like the fact that it was launched a decade back by Swedish video game designer Mojang Studios.

It also became a hugely successful venture within a short while given the fact that it was launched two years prior to its official launch when it was released on personal computers in 2009 that gave it an added advantage of being known to the general public.

Minecraft is not your regular mining venture but a building block of sorts where you need to gather important raw materials in the various landscape terrains surrounding the entire city where crafted tools can be located from time to time in order to get an understanding of what exactly needs to be built.

There are a number of game modes that you come across as you cross each level that becomes more and more challenging as it moves on because there are powerful mobs lying in wait to take you into their grasp in order to engage you into battle and prevent you from reaching your goal.

Closure Process

Given the immense popularity of Minecraft, it came as a rude shock in January 2021 when Microsoft decided to shut down the venture once and for all citing Covid-19 as the major reason for doing so as it claimed that sales had dropped drastically compared to the last few years and resources had become limited.

Many aficionados were so upset that they vented out their frustrations on Twitter as to why it was happening with most even threatening suicide if the decision to shut down was not revoked.

While this news has not gone down well with many people, there is a silver lining in the offing as Microsoft has also decided to come out with Minecraft Earth later this year around June or July with an updated version of the game that also promises to provide free minecraft accounts for new subscribers.

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