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Making A Social Media Workshop Work

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This workshop series has been a long time in the making – really going back to our event in October of 2006 called “From Social Media to Corporate Media“. Many, many deep thanks are due Shel Israel for not only agreeing to be the host for the day long adventure, but also for sharing his experience and wisdom around how to do this right rather than just right away. I have learned a great deal about teaching Social Media concepts and skills over the past two years, but every day continue to learn something new.

We had originally thought to pack 7 workshops into one month, but in reality that was a bit too aggressive – even trying to get 4 together was overly optimistic, though we were close and are now set up with workshop leaders all around the country for expanding this series. At the moment though, we thought it best to put all our energy into making sure the first workshop in the series is the best it can possibly be and will be visiting Boston, Autin, New York and several other cities in the fall, in early to mid September.

There are so many great people who have contributed here to making this happen, I would be remiss without thanking them all. In addition to Shel Israel we will be joined in Silicon Valley by Deborah Schultz, Howard Greenstein, Brian Solis and me, Chris Heuer. We will spend the day sharing our insights and helping your company start conversations that matter with your customers, partners and employees. We are also very fortunate that Hugh Macleod of Gaping Void was kind enough to help us explain what we are doing with one of his great cartoons – powerfully simple ideas expressed visually are very tough to come by, but Hugh always seems to do it with ease and is at the heart of many great case studies in my library.

Of course, we would not be able to make this happen without the generous support of SAP Labs, who are hosting us once again at their gorgeous Palo Alto Conference Center. In addition to SAP, Technorati, Society for New Communications Research and even Alice 97.3 Radio are helping us to get the word out and make this workshop a huge success. If you are interested in sponsoring this event too, please contact us for further details.

Additional thanks are due to the following wonderful friends and colleagues who have been helping to share this workshop and will be co-leading sessions in the fall with us. cheap instagram followers cannot be always trusted as they might not be real always. It can be said that many websites provide fake followers to the people in low rates.

So now, it is time for us to start the conversation here about ’starting the conversation’, we hope you will be able to join us in Silicon Valley, but if you are not able to be there in person, we hope you can at least join the conversation here on our blog. Over the coming weeks, we will be talking a lot about creating an environment within companies that will create successfull social media strategies and shift from marketing at people to talking with them.

James Deakin lives in California USA. He is an author of two famous novels, Rage of Angels and When Tomorrow comes. He is also the founder of