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Light cigarettes have stirred a lot of controversy in the United States raising a lot of questions around their safety. It has been argued that in reality there could be nothing called light when it comes to cigarettes as all tobacco smoked or chewed or snuffed is harmful. The overall effect of labeling cigarettes LIGHT is total misleading of the general public. Within the European Union over one-third or 38.6% of smokers are said to prefer ‘light’ cigarettes or tobacco products. These are said to have lower tar and nicotine. These assertions are based on what is displayed on the packaging and not any independent scientific research.

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Smokers in the European Union note that they started with stronger cigarettes. This is the view of over 61 percent of smokers surveyed. These smokers then shifted to ‘light’ cigarettes at a later stage. Across a significant part of European Union compared to 1995 data it would appear over 50 percent of smokers has shifted to ‘light’ tobacco. This is a good indication of the message of dangers of smoking arriving home or at least pricking some conscience somewhere. Whether these ‘light’ cigarettes are actually light and safe is a territory of fierce debate. From a health professionals perceptive, all cigarettes are bad and extremely harmful.

Turning to public smoking, studies show that the European Union public has a generally different attitude towards fellow citizens who smoke. Data shows that on average EU public ask smokers not to smoke just slightly more often than rarely. This indicates some relatively sounds oversight on smokers by the public itself. It yet another indicator of a higher level of awareness concerning the dangers of second hand smoke in the EU. It is clear from information available that the willingness amongst the populace to ask others to stop smoking has steadily risen compared to 1995 data. However, it can be noted that not all members of the public who ask for smokers to stop smoking in their presence do so for fear of health dangers. In fact some are ignorant of the health dangers and ask smokers to stop smoking because of the discomfort caused by inhaling smoke from a nearby smoking person. So then the concern is more to do with discomfort more than health fears.

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