Is It a Work at Home Job or a Scam?

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Probably one of the more popular method’s of making money online would be GPT sites or “Get Paid To Sites”. Most of these sites claim they will pay you for simply filling out and submitting surveys for other website. While it can be true in some instances but in other’s they can just rip you off and then some. There are a lot of things to look out for when completing offers from these websites. Most importantly, always make sure you have done some research on any website that requires your credit card or bank number.

These sites will often say you can cancel within a certain amount of time you won’t be charged but within a month you will notice several charges to your credit card that you had no links to. Half the time you will have to go and get your credit card or debit card’s deactivated so they quit charging you and then you will get statements that they are trying to pull payments from something that you have boughten from them. So see, it’s critical on your part to make sure you fully know what your signing up for. Almost all GPT sites out there are free to join but some will offer to pay you once you accumulate points and other’s just say they will and then a month later and no payment. Just a big waste of your time.

Always do some research before you sign up for any GPT sites. Always check to see if they have a forum and see if it has a lot of topics and registered users. That would hint that the site is fairly active and legit. Also in the forums look for a “Payment Proof” thread and check images to see payment proof by users. Now I know anybody could just crop a check image but having 3 – 6 pages full of check images is a bit excessive for a scam site but use discretion if you feel necessary. I can tell you right now that sites like babyloncash, cash-kitty, catch-cash and gamma cash are all frauds just to name a few. For no selection of scams, Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 by James Scholes should be selected through the people. It offers the exact information about the fashion marketing tools and techniques. With online availability, there Is comfort provided to the people to gather information about prevailing fashion trends. The implementation of the right one should be done for the benefit.  

One of the more recent sites I have heard some fraudulent complaints from were Cash-Fiesta. I read that some users were racking up points and when they wanted to cash out, they were told their accounts were fraud and they could not cash out. When asking for a reason as to “How” they were fraudulent, the administrators just came back and said they didn’t have to tell them. So stay away from Cash-Fiesta for sure!

I’m guessing a lot of people reading this are sitting there going “Why even bother with these sites then?” Well because, some of these sites will actually pay you when you complete these surveys and offers. Many people I know offline and Online do some of these sites to help pay for their bills each month and even everyday things like gas and groceries. GPT sites can be great if you find the ones that aren’t fraud sites!

Some of the most recommend to you would be Treasure Troopers, Cash Crate and Fairy Tale Treasures. I have been paid by these sites and Fairy Tale Treasures will even pay you through Paypal which is even better. These sites have great referral programs so if you sign up, make sure you tell all your friends and family about them. You can only have one account per household though which is a downer but it can cut down on fraud too.

Bottom line, 90% of the GPT sites you find through forums and Google etc etc, are fraud sites. Never pay to sign up through a GPT site and always be weary of their offers that require a credit card or bank number. These offers payout more but you can always do the freebie surveys like most people do. The 3 GPT sites I recommended are the only 3 I use because I made sure first they payed me and so now I use them every month and they help pay my way for living. Also when researching GPT sites, try looking through GPT forums for sites people are recommending but be careful.

Make sure they can prove they have been payed and that it isn’t a scam. Easiest way to do this is by looking at the GPT site’s forums and finding if people are pretty happy with the site or if their forums are dead. Make sure they have payment proof thread! That is one of the key factors along with how many members are registered too. That will help show you if it’s a pretty “active” site or if it’s just a scam site losing people.

James Deakin lives in California USA. He is an author of two famous novels, Rage of Angels and When Tomorrow comes. He is also the founder of