Idle Heroes: Best packages, daily quests, and strategy guide

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The Idle Heroes is one of the most enjoyable and learning games that teach how to achieve goals. The battles in Idle Heroes are almost automatic, but that doesn’t make it easy to play. Once the player starts playing, gradually, the levels get challenging. Since the battle is almost automatic, all you need to do is choose the best heroes for the battle. This will require you to pay more attention to the details and mainly the faction auras if you want victory. You can check out the tier list of idle heroes and know about the best characters and 5-star heroes

Starting from basic, there are two types of battles: the first one is entirely automatic and lasts for a couple of seconds while the other one is the real battle. You need to fight the battles to unchain the real battle. While playing Idle Heroes, you want to know about the best bundles, but there are so many that you will get confused. Here in this article, there are esteem bundles of Idle Heroes arranged according to their price, and we will get to know some of them:

  1. Monthly card $15 contains 750 gems+ 300 gems for 30 days, and the price is 650 gems/$. The rating of this package is excellent, and most players prefer to buy this.
  2. Mini monthly card $5 contains 250 gems + 75 gems for around 30 days, and the price is 500 gems/$. People marked this package as very good as if you play less; then, this package is best for you.
  3. Monthly Package $10 has 600 gems +10 heroic gather scroll + 20Mgold for 30 days. This is a mediocre package whose price is 235gems/$.
  4. The next package is for people who play often and want to invest in playing battles. The Monthly package $100 that contains 5000 magic dust + 20 prophet sphere, which costs around 150 gem/$.

There are many more packages that are good for those who want to spend a lot of money. Other than knowing the packages, it is important to have knowledge about the daily quests that are held:

  • New users who are unaware of how to use heroic summon scroll tend to use it to achieve the daily quests. Once you complete a team of 5-star heroes, you don’t need to use heroic summon scroll for the quests.
  • It is better to complete the daily quests once you have a free heroic summon scroll that is after every 2 days.
  • Saving heroic summon scrolls is imperative to play in heroic summon events as saving these scrolls is the ultimate goal for most of the players. 
  • Those who don’t have free heroic summon scroll must not complete its quest or the casino quest because:
  • Strategy = 40* gems + 2x gold which is equal to 100* gems in profit.
  • No strategy = 10* gems in profit.

The success in Idle Heroes completely depends on your way of decision making. You need to handle the game the strategies made. If you are unaware of the strategy guide, then this is the best place to learn about it:

  • Do register to get 5-star 

5-star heroes are the strongest characters of the game, which are not easily obtainable. The most imperative and primary way of getting it is to register at the beginning of the game.

  • Log-in every day to get profit

This game is generous when we talk about rewards, especially for vigorous players. Logging in every day will help you to get freebies that may include many things that gold and gems. Your main focus must be to get 5-star shards as these will help you to get a 5-star hero for free.

  • Building team

Building a perfect team is not easy, and for this, you will need plenty of time to progress. If you are lucky, you will get a lot of 5-star heroes, but until then, you need to use 4-star heroes strategically. You need to invest in 4-star heroes to transform them into 5-star heroes.

  • Hold on your diamonds

The premium currency of the game is diamonds. You can easily earn the diamonds without even spending real money, but this takes time. That is why you need to get the most of your diamonds and save them until you have 10 Heroic Summons. Players who are active on a regular basis can earn enough diamonds as rewards.

  • Ways to get 5-star heroes

There are various ways to get 5-star heroes, but you need to be patient. The first and main way is to use 10 Heroic Summons, which give you heroes at fewer prices at 2200 diamonds. You must take full advantage of Heroic Summons as you get them in every two days.

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