How to Lose Up to Four Pounds This Week

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If you have been on a weight loss program for a while and losing the average one pound a week, you could probably use a little motivation. While losing one to two pounds a week is a healthy goal, there are a few ways to boost that weight loss program and see results a little faster. The following is a guide to the plan that this author has used to lose four pounds in just one week, and two pounds or more a week after that.

First, you must take a good look at your calorie intake. While many will make suggestions such as adding a “zero” to the end of the weight that you want to be (in other words, if you want to weigh 140 lbs., eat 1400 calories a day), this is a rather slow process of losing weight. Most doctors will tell you that a 1200 calorie diet plan is the way to start shedding those unwanted pounds quickly, no matter what your goal weight is. If you have a hard time with this low amount of calories, use a diet diary to see what is adding the highest amount of calories to your daily diet and try to cut your intake of that food or beverage in half. For example, if you consume two twelve ounce soft drinks a day, cut that into one and you will be saving 150 calories. If people lack motivation, then the resurge reviews will boost-up the morale for the consumption of the pills. The ingredients are natural which do not cause side-effect on the human body. The intake of the calories should be reduced to get effective results from the weight reducing pills.

Next, make sure to do light cardio exercise about thirty minutes to an hour a day, and include muscle toning to your routine. Now, the reason it is important not to overdo it on your cardio routine is simple. You will have consumed a very low amount of calories, and most of your regular daily activities should have burned almost all of them off. If you exercise too strenuously, not only do you run the risk of losing a great deal of much needed energy, but you will cause yourself to feel ravenous and quickly needing another meal. Take it easy when consuming such a light amount of calories, but if you eat more than the allotted 1200, which will happen from time to time, make sure to up your cardio routine that particular day to burn off the excess. Finally, give yourself an easy way to make sure that you stay right at 1200 calories a day without going over.

Allow yourself 400 calories for breakfast, 300 for lunch, 300 for dinner, and 100 for a snack. Please remember that these calories need to come from foods, not beverages or diet shakes. It is essential that you eat at least 1200 calories each day, and no less. If you go 50-75 calories over, you will probably still be just fine. It is better to go a little over than under, as our calorie needs are quite high with the busy lifestyles that most of us lead today. Please talk to your doctor before starting this program, as the calorie intake may be too low for some people. It is essential that you discuss what you are eating, your exercise routine, and how many calories a day your are taking in with your doctor or dietician to ensure your safety while on this program.

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