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How To Discover If You Need Cleaning For Your Oriental Rug And How You Can DIY

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An oriental rug is made from heavy textiles and used for utilitarian and symbolic. Thus, an oriental rug can be an integral part of your home and add a sense of home décor to your dining or living room. Moreover, adding oriental rugs can add character, color, and beauty in any space where it has been placed.

A variety of colors and designs of oriental rugs can give a more appealing look to any room. Therefore, caring for your rug is as important as buying a rug for your room. If you want them to have a prolonged life, then you need to keep them cleaned regularly.

Moreover, it is not hard to analyze whether your rug needs cleaning or not, and you can also consult a professional rug cleaning company for advice and tips related to the particular rug type you have placed at your office or home. Below you will find information regarding how often you need to clean your oriental rug and how you can clean it by yourself.

  • When You Need To Clean Your Oriental Rug

Usually, oriental rugs need cleaning once a year, but if you have a place where the rug is very high-foot traffic, then it is recommended that you need to clean them after every six months properly. To analyze whether your oriental rug requires cleaning or not, you can rub your hand on the surface of the oriental rug for 10-30 seconds approximately.

If you notice a lot of dust coming out from the rug, you need a professional rug cleaning company to provide you with cleaning services. If you are facing any problem regarding finding a perfect cleaning company and you can search rug dry cleaning near me on the internet, and you will be offered a list of professional rug cleaning companies in your area. Thus, you can take the services of an oriental rug cleaning company at affordable rates.

  • How You Can Clean Your Oriental Rug By Yourself

Cleaning oriental rugs at home is not an excellent idea, mostly when these are made from high-quality that is made from pure silk or wool and expensive. However, you can clean some types of rugs that are manufactured using blended wool and cotton rugs at your home once you have discovered the type of rug by thoroughly reading the rugs’ manufacturing details.

Thus, you can begin by vacuuming the rug to lose dust particles and then wash it using cold water and gentle detergent. Now, let is air dry naturally and ensure that it is not in direct contact with the sunlight. If you are looking for a step by step guide that you can follow to clean your oriental rug at home, then we have listed the essential steps that will help you to wash your oriental rugs at your home.

However, the steps listed below are to clean oriental rugs made from wool and remember complex fabric rugs made from pure silk, which should not be cleaned by you, and let the professional rug cleaning agency do the job for you.

Step 1 – Remove The Dirt

The first and foremost thing to do is remove the loose dirt with the help of a vacuum. Thus, the vacuum will help in suction the loose dust quickly. So turn your rug upside down to lose the dust particles present in the rug and vacuum it thoroughly. Thus, it would be best to perform this once a month to remove gathered dust particles.

Step 2 – Dusting Your Rug

To do this, you need to place your rug in a vertical position outside your house, and with the help of a broom handle or a stick, you need to beat the rug gently to remove the dust which stuck in the fibers of rugs.

Step 3 – Wet The Rug And Apply Shampoo

Before wetting the, make sure that you vacuum the rug once again to remove the excessive dust present on the rug, and you need soap and hose in the cleaning process. You can now begin cleaning the rug by making it wet and applying a sufficient amount of shampoo to the rug.

Step 4 – Rinse And Repeat The Process

You can now clean your rugs by thoroughly rinsing it and repeating the whole process once again, and you have to flip it to rinse it from the other side.

The information mentioned above is regarding how you can clean your oriental rugs at your home.

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