How To Choose Commanders In Rising Of Kingdoms

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Arguably one of the most strategic and best war games made and available for mobile has to be Rise of kingdoms. The game is designed to be a very strategic game with complex but highly engaging gameplay. Some people prefer playing on Desktops or laptops, for the Rise of kingdoms emulator for PC has solved this problem. A lot of new members or newbies, as we call them, have entered Rise of the kingdom, this is a guide offering them support to understand the game.

In Rise of Kingdoms, the new players are provided with a choice to select commanders for their countries/nations. This is a phase where most of them face problems, as they’re confused about whom they should be selecting. Most of the names you’ve heard from history are our commanders here is Rise of the kingdom. Players might think it’s a good idea to select a commander who has a great influence in history, but it’s not a good decision. According to the game and the player’s strategy, the commanders have to be selected. 

Hopefully, this guide of Rise of Kingdom is going to be of use to understand about selecting the best commander for yourself and to know more about it, read more.

How to Select Commanders for your Nation in Rise of Kingdoms?

These are some points to be kept in mind while choosing the best commanders:

  1. Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms are made in different kinds

You need to understand every commander’s types and what do they specialize in. The four types are Advance, Elite, Epic, and Legendary. As according to sequence, the weakest is the advanced commanders, and legendary commanders being the strongest. And of course, you’re not going to be able to choose legendary commanders from the very first. You have to achieve certain goals and gather enough resources to select them.

A commander is given with four kinds of skills. And they can only specialize in 3 skills. However, there are various kinds of skills, named as an archer, defender, disabler, gatherer, infantry, jungle, leader, nuke, support, cavalry, and siege. While selecting a commander, you have to understand the skills your commander is going to possess.

The commander acquires 4 skills and can specialize up to 3. These 4 skills need to be upgraded with the help of training. These upgrades will help in specializing in 3 skills of the commander. Several stars in a commander will indicate the updates in the skills of your commander. 

  1. Establish Your Strategy

The way you plan and determine your strategy will help you ascertain the skills you need in your commander. E.g., A good defender is needed to have a good defense for your kingdom. Various strategies can be made, and various commanders can be chosen, you need to determine it.

You will need to choose commanders with gatherer skills that have an ample amount of resources that your nation will need. That’s because a strategy should be consisting of something that will help you maintain and boost your nation’s resources to survive and get you an extra point during the battle. To know more about how to choose commanders, read more.

  1. Assigns your Commanders accordingly

After you’re done selecting your commanders according to your strategy, it is time to designate your commanders accordingly. A few points should be kept in mind while doing so.

First and foremost, the commanders need to be designated based on the skills they possess. A commander of the cavalry has to be put under a cavalry unit and not under an infantry unit or anything else. If a commander has skills of something and you put him in a unit where he doesn’t fit, then it’ll do you no good.

Another interesting thing about the Rise of kingdoms is that you are allowed to put more than one commander in your army for the battles. This is the reason behind commanders named as Primary and Secondary commanders. The primary commanders’ conditions need to have more than three stars, but for the secondary commanders, no such requirements are there. 

Last but not the least, your city should not be left unattended. Putting a jungle commander along with station defender commander to save your city from unforeseen circumstances will help you keep your city stronger and unbeatable. Often the value of gatherer is ignored since they don’t have any role in the battlefield. But they’re the ones who would gather enough resources for your city and army or a nation as a whole. 

  1. Now it’s time to choose your Best commanders 

You’ve got an idea about how to go ahead and select the commander for your nation. It’s important to remember and analyze their skills, types, and specializations works, establish and assign the commanders who fit in your strategy perfectly. Train them and update them without rushing directly into the battlefield.

You need to conquer eight civilizations, twenty-eight commanders along with a whole world. This is Rise of Kingdoms explained in one line. A very crucial part of the game is commanders, undoubtedly. The way you put them in use and train them accordingly will result in your victory. It’s often a dilemma for new players about choosing the commander, or rather the best commander. 

When a player registers in the game, he/she is asked to choose a nation. At this moment, whichever nation the player chooses will ascertain which commander the player is going to start with. The nations provided in Rising of Kingdoms are 8, and any of these nations can be chosen.

This is just the beginning. While playing further, the player will come across various new commanders for their nation. Around twenty-seven, different commanders can be found. But it’s mostly based on the fate and luck of the player. Therefore, it’s best for the player to keep training and upgrading the commanders he/she has already chosen.

You must be having a question in your mind, why is the commander so important? What does a commander do? To briefly explain, read more.

A unique specialty is possessed by every commander. These specialties can prove to be a great advantage to the players during the battlefield or managing the city. Provided they’re being trained and upgraded. Each commander can possess up to a maximum of three specialties. Each commander losses four skills. The number of stars on these commanders will ascertain how many skills these commanders can use. Also, all these skills are upgradable.  

All types of issues, problems, and strategies need to be kept in mind while deciding the commander to be added to your nation. Different kinds of tasks can be assigned to different commanders. Some commanders are assigned to be in the city, and some are assigned to go the battlefield. Their tasks are determined based on their amount of skills, types, specialty.

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