Google Bitcoin Go Mainstream

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The time has finally come where cryptocurrency has now reached a new chapter in its wild and unchartered storyline. Google has very recently updated its Global API with a range of additional features and updates, but the most striking update to us has to be the Cryptocurrency compatibility update for Google’s Payments API. In a nutshell. Google will now support payments using Bitcoin just like bitcoin arbitrage app, and any other Cryptocurrency for that matter, and therefore allow you, businesses, and organizations to accept payments via cryptocurrency online. This is the first step in a long road to global adoption but a critical one nonetheless, developers need to implement these changes to take advantage but the road is now there…

What is Google Payments API?

Google Payments API is a system developed by Google to allow streamlined and simple payments online. Google has set out to develop an industry standard for online payments, by developing a function for developers that allows merchants to access payment details through your browser, rather than filling in lots and lots of forms at the checkout stage. Essentially think of the browser remembering your payment details, and Google being the secure intermediary between you, the merchant, and the payment handler. In essence, if everyone used the same standard process, online payments would become fairly straightforward with little change between different retailers.

What’s Next for Google & Bitcoin?

Essentially, Google’s Payments API has been updated to support not just Bitcoin, but Cryptocurrency in general. This is a huge leap forward for Cryptocurrency, as it suggests larger organizations are now starting to recognize Cryptocurrency’s place on the global currency stage. As Google starts to support Cryptocurrency it’s important to note that there are additional factors that are required before this can ‘actually work’. If this was a restaurant, Google has created the physical building, businesses still need to fit their kitchen equipment into the building and customers need to come prepared to use the new layout. If you’re wondering what this actually means, developers now need to build the new Google Payments API into their businesses, platforms, and websites, therefore adding the functionality to their business. Customers need to start using the Google Payments Feature which means choosing Google Payments and adding their payment methods into the system using their browser. As traction starts to develop it’s likely we’re about to witness a surge in businesses starting to accept Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, as it becomes easier and easier to handle the currency moving forwards.

Where Can I Spend Bitcoin?

There’s a steadily growing list of companies and organizations accepting payments via Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. Take a look at our list of registered retailers and organizations online, if you’re a business that accepts Bitcoin as payment, why not add your company or organization to our list of Cryptocurrency Merchants?

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