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Give Heels A Rest With Kushyfoot Flats To Go

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To many girls, heels are a necessary part of life. Sure they are uncomfortable, hard to walk in, and sometimes even painful, but they make your legs look longer and leaner and give you a powerful four-inch height boost. Beauty is full of sacrifices and since we refuse to give up our stilettos, we deal with unsightly blisters and super sore heels on a regular basis.

Knowing that a workday or night on the town is not complete without the appropriate high-heeled footwear, the experts at Kushyfoot developed a product to make your day or night a lot more comfortable. Kushyfoot’s Flats To Go give your feet a relaxing and fashionable break from your dreaded high heels. Get More Info about the different footwear offered by Kushyfoot here.

These flexible and soft, faux leather flats fold up tightly to fit even in the smallest purses. With an elastic back, they slip easily on and off to relieve your feet from those horrible heels. I tried out a gold pair of Flats To Go while on a Spring Break trip to Las Vegas. I sported them while walking on the strip, heading to a different casino, and then swapped them for my heels when I arrived at my destination. They looked like cute and inconspicuous ballet flats — nowhere as cute as my black pumps, but definitely worth traveling comfortably.

The Flats To Go sole felt like heaven to my feet on the walk back to my hotel after a long night dancing on four inches of extra height. The wavy sole cushions and massages feet, healing my toes, which had been scrunched in almond-toed pumps. The flats fold up so neatly, I did not expect them to supply enough cushion to my ailing feet, but they are textured just right to supply ample comfort.

I am skeptical of how long these flats will hold up since I am walking some rugged, city streets, but only wearing them for short bouts will help them last. They are a definite must-have for every vacation.

Kusyfoot Flats To Go is available at retailers nationwide or at They are reasonably priced, ranging from $3.49- $9.99.

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