From Wine Tasting to Web Hosting, Free Services People Don’t Know About

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Free Wine tasting

Well this might take some research, but I live in NYC so every weekend I look in the community papers or online for a free wine tasting. They are fun to mingle with new people or to hang out with a friend. It is also good to go to a wine tasting and become well-versed in different brands outside of Chardonnay’s Yellow Tail, Arbor Mist or Turning Leaf…blah. Once you have tried a crisp, clean taste of Johannesburg Riesling from Upstate or rich Palmer Champagne, your taste buds will never be the same. If you are in the city, the Wine Vault in Chelsea on 9th Ave. and 15th Street has a free wine tasting once a month. The other option is to go into a wine store and tell the clerk you are not sure which wine to choose and they will gladly post your rear to the nearest high seat to sample some of there finest and aged wine. They will give you cheese and crackers as well. Go ahead and upgrade yourself today with a classy free wine tasting from your local winery.

Free Online Dating Service for All

Once you place general information on the first page and skip through the (3) offer pages, you actually get to search for friends or dates on the free dating service website. No tricks or nothing! I did a search of my criteria and viewed pictures of eligible singles. I even wrote a message to one or two people to see if they would write back and they did. Also, the website had a community, kind of like the old chat rooms of AOL, where you can discuss certain topics and mingle. The only set back is that most lucky candidates are in another state. Try out a free long distant romance at

Free Celebrity News, Events and Photos

Are you tired of spending $1.99 plus tax for OK Magazine or US Weekly? Well you can keep up to date with your favorite celebrity on certain websites like or My friend is a celebrity photographer and lets me gain access to daily events or happens from NYC to LA. It’s pretty entertaining. The only set back is you can not steal any of the pictures, but some sites let you purchase them. Anyone ready to start a celebrity e-zine?

Free Parties

Okay, with free parties it quite simple. Find your favorite clubs online and email the webmaster or contact person to gain access to their membership club. Usually this just requires basic email information. And in return you gain emails of free or discount events at your favorite clubs. Some clubs even let ladies in before a certain time. Check out some of the specials on or visit your favorite hot spot online. Also, MSN Reviews has critics that attend clubs give a personal review of what they thought about the club or venue.

Free Therapy

This one hear is plain and simple. If your life feels less than 100%, empty or insecure; there is only one solution. GO TO GOD. Why not start a new life of happiness today? NY Times best-selling book Purpose Driven Life by Landmark’s Rick Warren will take you on a journey that will reevaluate how you think about yourself and the people around you. You can also have a friend join you on the journey with group discussions on each chapter. Try to find the book at the library if you rather not purchase it or visit Also, try if you want to try weekend retreats or a more spiritual inspiration. But try something new for yourself today!

Another good therapy regimen is downloading free pod cast ministries from Joyce Myers at Click on ‘TV/Radio’ broadcasts, and then click on ‘Listen Now’. She truly will give you a 20-minute ‘kick in butt’ about self awareness and empowerment. She also is more inspirational and less expensive then a therapist. But only you can make that decision. She offers free books and a newsletter along with pod cast downloads. Actually, I listened to her messages every morning at work for a month straight because her stories were inspiring and addictive that it helped me on my journey as a freelance copywriter. She will leave you ready to take on the world and anyone that gets in your way. If you rather a softer more gentle approach to therapy, try Joel Olsten at which includes televised inspirational lectures via Internet or pod cast. You can even email a prayer request if you are in a really hard situation where you need immediate answers. He will leave you feeling like grandma just gave you a big, warm hug any day of the week. Save money and just try something different, you can thank me later…

Free Web Hosting for your Website has free websites and web hosting. All you have to do is pay for your domain name which is $25 for the year, then you get to receive web hosting, a website, several email accounts and more. The website is very user friendly, especially if I did it! Gain a more professional look for your company or next big event. Other free web sites are at yahoo’s Geocities, and a few others are available for free hosting but are heavy into promoting on your site. Your choice will depend on your needs.

Free Events or Things to Do

Always check your local paper, library or online for free events, give-aways, or samples. I found out how to get on the Prada guest list for updates of their exclusive sample sales. Items were as low as $40 bucks for original $1489 price tags. Also, the library has free seminars, how-to lectures and lots of free resources that you would never think of. Another option is to join a Singles email list or networking group to me locals in or around your area. If you have a free yahoo email account, sign in and click ‘Groups’ and the website will list groups by common-interest subtitles like Regional, Hobbies, Sports, Entertainment, Religion, Music, Relationships and more. Lastly, do not forget that also has a community section of free events as well. Happy searching!

Free Job or Service Placement

A couple of free sources are helpful to businesses looking to hire talent, but fees are not available for sites like or A free job placement service can be done through start up company’s blogs such as Samarra Am Management or websites such as PostJob;=Post

or but find out their target audience and traffic figures first. Try free business services along with free posting at SCORE. The service is created by retired business people who you call or visit and they will give you insight to business marketing as well a job posting information. You can pay a discount price at your local if you prefer.

Free Designs for your Wedding Invitations, Programs or Decorations by Tamiya King

Another fabulous AC discusses how to gain attractive and professional designs for your tight budget when it comes to preparing for a wedding.

If you too want to avail such services, be sure to buy a fastcomet discounts coupon from  that you can get at a cheap cost and get numerous benefits in return.

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