Everything You Need To know About Universal Life Insurance

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It you are looking for other means on how you can diversify your investment strategy using the
best life insurance, you are in the right place. This article will go through a type of life insurance that can certainly solidify your portfolio using a product that offers cash value and interest growth – universal life insurance. Surely, there are several types of insurance that insurance companies offer to the market. While most of these insurance are beneficial, universal life insurance is one of a kind. Generally, this type of insurance gives the owner some benefits that other insurance does not have such as protection of life insurance, cash value and fixed interest part of the entire policy. Moreover, universal life insurance is also known as a life insurance with the combination of a savings account. It also offers flexibility to policyholders because the policy of a universal life insurance can be altered when the situation of the insured changed. Hence, it will provide convenience to the owner to fit the changing needs of the insured.

Furthermore, there are several different advantages of a universal life insurance. These include the following:


As mentioned earlier, one of the main benefits of a universal life insurance is flexibility. This type of insurance givers freedom to the policy owners to have discretion on the amount of the death benefit protection that they desire and need. They also decide on the premium amount that would like to pay. Moreover, a universal life insurance provides freedom to the owner to change the policy when the situation of the insurance changed.

Death Benefit

While this may sound common and already a given, universal life insurance offer a guaranteed and secured amount of death benefit. This will provide benefits to the owners to have stress free life. Hence, the owner doesn’t have to worry about financial constraints in the future.

Tax Deferral

Another advantage of a universal life insurance is that it provides a tax deferred cash value and growth. Thus, this will provide policy owners an additional benefit.

Interest Rate

Universal life insurance also offers guaranteed interest rate on the fund’s growth. This interest rate is secured to never fall below a particular level.

There are also other considerations that you have to measure before availing a universal life insurance policy such as policy guarantees, premium payment, fees, and cash value options. Policy guarantees refer to the particular guarantees of the policy such as interest rate, death benefits, longevity and others. Premium payment refers to the required minimum premium payment that you have to pay set by your insurance company. Fees refer to the fees or charges included in a universal insurance policy. It is very important to be analytical and familiar with these charges. Lastly, cash value options refer to the underlying investment options in the cash value component of your policy. Overall, these factors should be carefully consider before purchasing a universal insurance policy.

Ultimately, from the above facts about universal life insurance, we can fairly say that it is one of the best types of life insurance policies that you may want to consider. With its benefits and advantages, a universal life insurance is indeed a good deal. But it is still important to consult to a life insurance agent before making a final decision.

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