Do You Have Relationship Anxiety? – How To Get Rid Of It!!

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Love is perhaps the most powerful emotion in the world. And when you begin to experience anxiety as a result of love, it will certainly have a profound impact in your relationship with your loved one and might probably affect your quality of life as well. Relationship anxiety is common and it is a sad fact that a lot of people have ended up committing suicide all because of this kind of mental condition. The mans and the level might be different from one person to another, but one thing is for sure, this type of anxiety disorder is detrimental to your health and thus, you need to seek treatment if you feel that you are suffering from this. Read on to find out the causes, symptoms and treatments of relationship anxiety.

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Causes of Anxiety in Relationships

A lot of things could lead to anxiety in relationships and usually, such feeling of anxiety will differ from one person to another depending on the reason as well as other factors. Abusive relationships are usually the most common cause of relationship anxiety although there are several other causes as well. It is important that you take an anxiety test in order to determine your level of anxiety disorder and what might have caused it. Here are some other causes of relationship anxiety.

  • Loss of Trust

Uncertainty about the relationship or the loss of trust could trigger anxiety. This could also lead to constant fights in between the two parties and this might actually lead to breakup. Usually, the loss of trust would stem from past experiences where the other party might have cheated the other. Remember that trust is an important aspect of the relationship. Once this is gone, it can be very hard to win it back. The best solution to this is to forgive one another and to give assurance that both will remain faithful to each other.

  • Constant Fights

If the couple will fight regularly, then this will certainly lead to anxiety. Fighting does not only involve the feeling of anger, but it also triggers a feeling of anxiousness to both parties at the thought that the two of you might end up fighting all over again. This feeling of anxiousness is already a sign of relationship anxiety. If possible, talk to your partner and discuss how you can both resolve your problems in order for you not to end up fighting with each other again.

  • Negativity

A relationship that struggles would involve so many negativities. This is due to the fact that both of you are no longer supportive to each other like you once were. Perhaps, there is no longer a respect or the feeling of affection has been lost. In cases like these, sometimes, even playful jokes will no longer appear funny and you dreaded the thought of being with each other again. But just because you do not want to confront each other, you just simply keep the feeling by yourself. Remember that constant negativity and negative thinking is also a sign of relationship anxiety. So talk to your partner and open up your feelings for each other.

  • Stress

Stress is also another reason why a lot of people suffer from relationship anxiety. There are lots of reasons behind stress. It could be due to financial problems, work related issues and many more. If one or both of the couple is stressed out, this could have impact on the relationship and thus, it must be dealt with accordingly in order to avoid relationship anxiety.

Symptoms of Relationship Anxiety

Perhaps, you are not aware that you are already suffering from relationship anxiety. Or maybe you knew someone who may have this disorder. Those that have this mental condition will often start to show symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of social anxiety as well as other types of anxiety disorders, and here are some of them.

Feelings of depression

  • Insomnia
  • Muscle tension
  • Shaking
  • Extreme Sweating

Very often, this condition could affect the other areas of a person’s life, which is the reason why, sometimes, it might not appear like a relationship anxiety anymore. It could be a type of anxiety disorder that might be due to a troubled relationship.

How to Treat Relationship Anxiety

Relationships can become incredibly complicated. There is no perfect relationship in this world and fighting and misunderstandings cannot be avoided between the two parties. If you are in a problematic relationship right now and you feel that you are already suffering from the symptoms of relationship anxiety, then here are two important things that you should ask yourself:

Is this relationship really worth saving?

Are you willing to do some changes in yourself just for the sake of your relationship?

These questions are pretty much self explanatory. Remember that not all relationships are worth saving, no matter how long you two have been together. Breaking up might sound scary for you, but if the relationship is no longer worth it, then you might have to let go and move on. You might think that being with the person makes you happy, but if it is something that destroys your whole being because of an abusive partner, then that relationship is no longer worth saving. The second question is merely based on one simple truth that you are the only one who can change yourself. But then again, if you are the only one who will change yourself and your partner is not willing to do so, then it’s useless. No matter how much you plead for our partner to improve but if he is not willing to do the change, nothing will happen. You will still be trapped in a problematic relationship that might cause relationship anxiety.

The best solution to treating relationship anxiety is no other than communication. Talk to each other and identify the reasons behind your constant fights, the lack of trust, etc. Address each of these issues and come up with a solution that you both will agree on. Start all over again and think of those things that made you fall in love with each other. If possible, see a marriage counselor or a psychiatrist that can help you to solve the problems that you have and offer therapy for anxiety.

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