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Common Reason Of Lower Back Pain – Know the reasons

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Lower back pain is a medical condition where your lower back gets affected by any kind of injury, any kinds of medical treatment, or being overweight that results in acute or chronic back pain. Chronic back pain takes in shape when it is affecting the patients for more than 3 months. Chronic back pain often bothers a person for long time period and it often resistant to medication. On the other hand acute pain suddenly strikes a person that may put a person in an intense pain. This is a type of pain that generally affect person for shorter period of time. Most often people injured themselves when playing a game, lifting heavier substances that they can’t handle, lying on the back by weird position. Complex structures of your back that consist bones, joints, nerves and many other body part. So finding out the exact reason of back pain can be very difficult. Any of the back body parts like tissues, nerves or joint can be the cause of your back pain.

Here are some reasons that triggers a back pain. Just take a look at these factors :

Sitting Uncomfortably at One Place :

People often sits at a place for a long period o f time and normally these people are office going. They have to sit for longer period of time to get work done. This habit can put a person at higher risk of getting this pain. Therefore it is recommended that do not sit on a chair that is not comfortable, do not sit for longer period of time on one chair.

Lifting Heavy Objects :

Lifting heavier objects more than your potential may put you at higher risk of LBP. This happens because your spine is made up of small little bones and these bones are attached together that forms your spinal cord. your spinal cord is also made up of nerves fibers, tissues that forms your spinal cord. When you lift heavier substances more than your potential then these part of your body get affected that cause back pain.

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Getting Older :

Usually people between the age group of 30-70 years get affected with this pain. back pain is more common in older person than that of younger person. It happens because as you got older and older your different body parts also gradually gets weaker, your potential immune system also starts to decrease that results in lower immune system and lower hormones.

Fitness : Fitness of a person also determines that whether he is going to be affected by this pain or not. If a person is fit and active then he is at very lesser risk of getting this pain.

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