CBD Oil Regulations: What You Need to Know

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Everyone has been taking a step in asking and researching on what overall health benefits Cannabidiol provide to people. Some may take turns in asking whether CBD oil has the potential to intoxicate its users, fortunately, CBD does not contain compounds responsible for making a person feel “high” like those in marijuana, another type of cannabis plant.

There is more to CBD oil and it delivers overall health benefits making it a great alternative form of medication.

It is understandable that people are confused with what cannabidiol can provide, having said all that above, it is crucial to know how CBD oil regulations work to properly use and enjoy the benefits you can get from CBD oil as well as avoiding breaking any federal laws.

When purchasing CBD oil, distributing, and using and all products infused with it as an active ingredient, ensuring you are staying within the legal framework will get you out of trouble or worst-case scenarios.

Is CBD oil legal in every form?

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) deals with a product that contains cannabinoid compounds to overlook with its regulation. As of the moment, the FDA is still figuring out whether it is best to legally regulate CBD oil, given that all 50 states have different laws when it comes to acquiring CBD, which is why it is not yet legal in many areas of the country.

The government still categorizes CBD in the same class as marijuana, however, some researchers are driven to believe that there may come a time where there will be a possibility of change in terms of its legality.

Some states have already legalized and accepted to regulate marijuana but not for recreational use. If you live in a state where marijuana is considered legal, then there will be no problem for you in using CBD-infused products. 

Interstate commerce ban

What it means to have an interstate commerce ban is that states, where they have legalized the use of cannabidiol, are not allowed to sell such products outside of such state. An example is the state of Arizona where regulation of CBD oil is legal, they are not allowed to ship or send cannabidiol-infused products to other states who have not yet formulate laws to do so.

With that to consider, consumers bringing CBD oil products are not allowed to get into a plane and travel outside the state. Hemp oil, another type of supplement which comes from Cannabis Sativa seeds will be allowed so long that the level of THC is no higher than 0.3%.

Bottom Line

While many states allow to regulate CBD oil for sale and use in their borders, there are still states where purchasing cannabidiol infused products are restricted. To be sure, you can visit for coupon code to see they are really legal in your area.

The Food and Drug Administration is still trying to evaluate and figure out their next move on how to handle products with cannabidiol components and to further examine the overall health benefits it can provide to its users.

James Deakin lives in California USA. He is an author of two famous novels, Rage of Angels and When Tomorrow comes. He is also the founder of