Biggest Loser Week 7 Still Filled With Drama

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Week 7 of the Biggest Loser was another emotional, drama-filled episode, as the Black Team faced off the giants that are the Blue Team. After the Blue Team released Jackie last week, the show kicked off week 7 with Dan’s trust issues and his feelings of being on the chopping block. After a long talk with Bob, he opened up to his teammates about how he really felt about his mom going home last week. The only question is, was he really being honest or just trying to keep his bed at the ranch?

After losing thirteen pounds in week 6, Bernie was awarded the Biggest Loser of the Week prize. He had the choice of choosing from “family”, “luxury”, or “game-play.” Of course, at this stage of the game it would only be fitting for Bernie to choose game-play, which he ended up doing. His award for the week was 50% off at the weekly challenge.

At the weekly challenge, the teams were to hold up, while on a balancing beam suspended above water, the combined weights of their own personal weight loss and that of another teammate’s. Mark and Dan were paired up for the heaviest weight at 135 pounds, while Bernie and Brittany only had to hold up a measly 60-something pounds. The Blue Team also had one more team which consisted of Roger and Jay, while the Black Team had an additional pairing with Paul and Maggie. The Black Team staved off the blue team to win this weekly challenge, for the second week in a row, giving the Black Team the decision to grant a Blue Team member and Black Team member immunity. Some challenges are faced through the people when decide to reduce the weight. For the process, the consumption of calories should be reduced and eating of the healthy diet with resurge pills should be started. It will enhance the immunity power of the people. The results are obtained as per the specifications of the people.

The day after the weekly challenge, Jillian invited her mother, who is also a psychotherapist, to the ranch to talk to each of her team members. Her mother was able to help the Black Team cope with why they have weight issues. It also appeared that she just offered her ear to the Black Team members to vent. It was one of the most heartwarming moments of this season for sure. Meanwhile, Bob took his “man-sized” Blue Team for a little hike, after a disappointing failure to win the challenge. Bob was able to give his team more confidence in themselves and trying to reassure them they would be victorious at the weigh in.

The weigh-in was a very suspenseful moment, even more so than other weeks. First the Black Team weighed in. Kelly was the first contestant to weigh-in. She dropped a phenomenal 7 lbs this week, followed by Paul’s 10 pounds. Up next was Bernie, who was a little nervous about this weigh-in after his big numbers just a week ago. Bernie was able to pull 8 pounds this week. By this point, it seemed clear the Black Team was going to be a victorious David against the team of Goliath’s. But when the two remaining players, Brittany and Maggie, only managed to pull 3 pounds between them, it seemed the Black Team was doomed to the elimination room. The team only lost a total of 28 pounds for a percentage of weight loss of 2.54%.

When it came time for the Blue Team to weigh-in, it was almost a certainty that they would send another Black Team member packing. Dan started the weigh-in with a weight loss of 7 pounds, followed by Roger who lost a total of 9 pounds. Up next was Trent and with his size he should be dropping pounds like flies. Trent lost 8 pounds followed by Mark who lost 6 pounds this week. All Mark’s brother, Jay, had to do was lose 5 pounds which seemed like he would have an easy time doing. After the suspenseful commercial break, Jay was not able to bring the Blue Team from behind with only losing 4 pounds, bringing the team’s total pounds of weight loss to 34 pounds. The Blue Team lost the weigh-in with a total percentage of weight loss of 2.48%.

Thanks to the Black Team’s victory at the weekly challenge, Jay was awarded immunity. Roger was also granted immunity for being the Biggest Loser on the Blue Team. When it came down to deliberate who to send home, Trent expressed his willingness to go home and be with his wife and new son. He stated he wanted to lose weight and he felt he was strong enough to lose it at home and the money did not mean as much to him as the rest of the Blue Team. After last week’s shocking betrayal of trust, it seemed there could have been another trust issue brewing. Fortunately for Dan, the team voted and granted Trent his wishes to be eliminated from the game.

Once home, Trent continued his weight loss journey. Since he arrived at the Biggest Loser Campus, Trent has shed 112 lbs off of his 436 pound starting weight.

You can catch all new episodes of The Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights at 8 easter / 7 centeral only on NBC.

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