A Profile on Aroma Therapy

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The word spa was derived from the name of the famous mineral springs in Spa, Belgium. Today it’s a term that has been widely used to denote any kind of rejuvenating experience to ones body and mind using therapeutic oils, shower, steam etc. When the life is becoming more and more crammed by work pressure, tension and stress, our body demands nurturing and pampering experience at least once in a month. Here the treatments offered by resorts and beauty spa emerge as an important part in your life providing a stress free life and stimulating the activity of your brain. Now you can enjoy a spa inspired experience at home including aromatic oils and flower waters in your bath, massage and inhaling them through the steam. Before getting ready for an aromatic experience an introduction to aromatherapy and its effects in emotional and physical life will do.

Aroma therapy as defined by its experts is the holistic method of using exclusive plant oils, including essential oils for psychological and physical comfort. The pure essence of plants provides both psychological and physical well-being when applied properly. There are over eighty essential oils that have been used in aroma therapy, say established masseurs. Like essential oils absolutes or highly aromatic liquids extracted from plants are also important ingredients in Aroma Therapy. Liquid carbon dioxide and floral or distillate water called hydrosols are used in Aroma Therapy. Perfume oils or fragrances are not essential oils. Perfume oils contain unnatural elements and will not have any therapeutic effect on ones mind and physique. Both the aroma and naturally occurring chemicals of essential oils, when inhaled into lungs trigger the action of brain and provide physical well being. Oils applied on skin are absorbed to one’s bloodstreams and helps improve one’s health, beauty and hygiene. Pure vegetable oils like almond oil and grape seed oil are mixed up to the essential oils to dilute them before applying over the skin.

A perfect blend of essential oils diluted with vegetable oils works as a good anti-aging treatment, against acne, depression and mental strain. Before going for an aromatic massage or treatment familiarize with the side effects and contradictions of different essential oils that come in the therapy. Here are some commonly and widely used recipes for aroma therapy massage.

The original Jasmine essential will be deep Brown with a Golden Tinge. This will be used in Aroma Therapy to curb depression, dry skin, exhaustion, labor pains and sensitive skin. Take 1 drop of jasmine oil in a sauce bowl. Add five drops of light Yellow Green coloured lime oil to jasmine oil. The next ingredient in the recipe should be three drops of orange oil. Lastly, add cinnamon oil that is golden yellow in colour a drop to the blend. Boil some water in a big bowl. Mix up the blend with the water. The steam that comes out of the bowl will be diffused in the room or bathroom where one is going to be for the massage. The oil blend is thus inhaled by you through the steam. This particular blend of oils is thus known as a diffuser. Trusted Medical Spa serving Anderson, SC will provide steam treatment for the benefit of the patients. The sensitive skin will cause more labor and muscular pain. The services of professional should be hired through the person. There will be offering of suggestions for homemade treatments to get relief in pain. 

Take two ounces of almond oil. Add twenty drops of lavender oil to it. Mix it up carefully and add a quarter ounce of the blend to your bathing water. Bathing with essential oils is an easy way of experiencing the effects of aroma therapy. Aromatic baths result in stress free life, help curb anxiety, cure muscle pains, or compliment your sensual evenings.

Aromatic massages are both physically and emotionally beneficial to one’s body. To enhance the experience you get from a qualified masseur’s touch always use the essential oils blend in your massage. You can always select a blend of oils that perfectly suits your skin and emotions. A blend made of Sandlewood oil, Rose oil and lemon oil is perfect for an aromatic massage. Sandlewood oil is rich with its aroma and also good to treat skin and beauty problems and mental stress. A mix of lavender oil, rosewood oil and lime oil is also a great blend for an exotic massage.

Aroma therapy is an alternative therapeutic practice for attaining emotional balance and developing positive outlook in one’s life. Essential oils, if not used carefully may cause serious problems in ones life. Always avoid oils with the aroma that you don’t like and which bring forth negative effects. Always remember that oils that contain artificial ingredients do not make any positive effect in your life. So one should always be careful while choosing therapeutic oils. Not all vegetable oils are good carrier oils. If chosen a wrong vegetable oil as carrier oil, it may cause hazardous effects to your body and mind. Some of the hazardous oil types are mustard oil, onion oil, almond oil-bitter, garlic oil etc. Before selecting the carrier oil its always better to go for the advice of a good masseur.

Now choose a calm and tranquil space which is perfect for a massage or bath. Light aromatic candles around. Play a beautiful music which sooths your mind and get ready for a revitalizing spa experience through aroma therapy.

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