What does Scratch 3.0 allow you to do?

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Scratch 3.0

Scratch 3.0 is an open source platform that empowers children to create stories, games, and animations. It is available for free download on the Scratch website. With Scratch 3.0, children can learn coding concepts in a fun and interactive way by creating their own projects online or offline. The latest version of the software offers new features such as the ability to program micro:bits, LEGO WeDo 2.0 robots, and more with physical-world sensing capabilities.

The software also provides a wide range of tools including colorful backgrounds, animation effects, music blocks, text-to-speech synthesizers, and much more for users to explore as they work on their projects. In addition to these tools are access to samples from top creators around the world that can serve as inspiration for users’ own creations!


Scratch 3.0 is the latest version of the popular coding platform that helps users create games, stories, and animations — all with a drag-and-drop interface. It offers new features and tools to help users take their skills to the next level. Download Scratch 3.0 today and start exploring its amazing features! With Scratch 3.0, you can now animate your projects with music and sound effects — adding an extra layer of fun to your stories and creations. You can also easily share your projects online with a simple click of a button! Plus, you can even write code using text blocks for more advanced programming capabilities than ever before.

With Scratch 3.0, you can let your creativity run wild as you create amazing interactive projects for anyone to enjoy!

Animations and Games

Animations and games have been long loved by people of all ages. Scratch 3.0 has allowed users to create even more interactive animations and games with its amazing features. This new update of the popular program adds a variety of new options, allowing users to be even more creative in their work.

Scratch 3.0 is an online program that allows users to develop animations and game creations while also helping them learn coding skills along the way. The program is extremely user friendly, making it easy for anyone regardless of skill level to use the software. Furthermore, Scratch 3.0 includes a wide selection of tools and effects that can be used to enhance your individual projects with ease. With this updated version you are able to add color filters, customize shapes as well as add sound effects for added realism in your creations!

Multi-media Projects

Multi-media projects are an increasingly popular way to express creativity and learn new skills. With the introduction of Scratch 3.0, a free multi-media platform from MIT, users can easily create projects that incorporate various forms of media such as audio, video, music, and art. Scratch 3.0 makes it easy for users to create their own stories, games and animations in a matter of minutes.

Scratch 3.0 enables users to mix together different kinds of media elements like images or sounds to create unique stories or custom animations that can be shared with friends or published online. The user interface is intuitive and user friendly making it easy for beginners learning coding concepts while also allowing more advanced coders to explore its features in depth.

Improved Interface

Improved Interface: Scratch 3.0 is the new version of the popular coding platform that allows users to create interactive stories, games, and animations. With its improved interface, it allows students and other users to explore a range of creative possibilities. From adding music or sound effects to creating custom backgrounds and characters, Scratch 3.0 gives users more tools than ever before for unleashing their creativity.

The new version boasts an upgraded drag-and-drop feature that makes programming easier than ever before. This means that even those with limited coding experience can quickly get up and running with projects like developing stories, making animations, or creating simple games for others to play online or in person. Additionally, collaboration has been made easier by introducing a shared editing workspace where multiple people can work on projects at the same time from different locations!

Coding in Scratch 3.0

Scratch 3.0, the newest version of the popular coding platform Scratch, is revolutionizing how beginners learn to code. With a powerful suite of tools and an endless array of options, Scratch 3.0 offers users an intuitive way to learn coding concepts without any prior knowledge or experience. It allows coders to create interactive stories, games, and animations that can be shared with friends or anyone around the world.

The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for beginners to get started coding quickly and easily by allowing users to select pre-made blocks of code that they can then combine into their own projects. Additionally, each project can be customized with images, sounds, text and more. For those just starting out in coding who want a fun and simple way to explore programming fundamentals such as loops and conditionals – Scratch 3.

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