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What Are The Various Types Of The Proxies?

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Once a person has taken the decision to go for the proxy server, then he needs to decide the best server out of the various options available. All the different type of server have unique features based on which the person make the selection of the one as per their requirement. Now we will discuss more info here regarding the types of proxies:

  • Forward proxy

This is the widely used type of proxy by the people; this server sits in front of the clients and is used to get the data to the groups of the users within an internal network. When a request is sent, then this is the type of server that makes the decision whether the proceeding must be done with making the connection or not.

This is a type of server that is known to be most suitable for the internal networks as they require a single-point entry.

  • Transparent proxy

These are other kinds of proxy server that is available as an option for the i\users. It provides an experience to the user as \what they must have if they were using their home computer.

They are mainly suitable for the companies that want to use these types of servers even without giving any kind of the hint to the employees of their company. They are even more susceptible to some of the security threats like the SYN.

  • Anonymous proxy

They are used to focusing on the proxies that make the internet activity untraceable. The working of this type of server is done by accessing the internet on behalf of the user while hiding the identity and the computer information. Therefore, it is advisable for people who want complete anonymity while using the internet.

  • High anonymity proxy

This is a high level of anonymous proxy; this one is best suited to have the primary necessity as anonymity.

  • Distorting proxy

Distorting proxy identifies itself to the website and hides its own identity. This is done by the server by just changing the IP address to the incorrect one. These types of people just want to hide their location while they are accessing the internet connection.

  • Data center proxy

They are generally affiliated with the internet service provider but are provided by another corporation through the internet connection. They exist in the physical data center. They are a good option, especially for the people who need to gather the intelligence on the person or the organization vary easily and fastly.

  • Residential proxy

This is a kind of proxy server that provides the IP address to the user that belongs to a specific physical device. They are known to be trustworthy than any other type of proxies that are available as an option. But they are known to be a little costlier.

The above mentioned are the various type of proxies that are available as an option. The user can select the one they think will be best as per the requirement. The user can easily get more info here.

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