Weight Training for Females

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The term weight training often gives an image of huge bulky muscles with extreme vascularity (leanness). More often than not, this is attributed to popular figureheads who were bodybuilders. That is why people who have been given this misconception tend to shy away from weight training and its awesome benefits, especially females.

Weight training myths

Myth #1: Weight training makes a person bulky. It seems that anybody who thinks they weight train will get big and bulky almost immediately. Though a plausible ambition to some, majority seem to think otherwise. The physiques of bodybuilders are the result of years of training and strict nutrition. Thinking that you will become like them overnight is simply… vain.

Females also do not have the hormone production which is responsible for growth of muscles. Testosterone is produced far more in males than females. Which means you females can relax because unless you take steroids, your physiology and biological systems will not allow you to get that big bulky look. The pre workout supplements are available for females for increasing the energy level. The doctors should allow them to take the medicine and perform the desired work. With exercise, there will be sweating, so the pills can be consumed through females for increasing the stamina with a healthy diet. 

Myth #2: Light weight and high reps make you look tone. This is probably one of the most popular beliefs almost all females are guilty of. First of all, the tone look you are looking for is simply a low percentage of body-fat. Training has almost nothing to do with it, rather nutrition has. With good nutrition and training, you will lose fat and your body will feel more toned and shapely.

In fact, training heavy for low reps can actually help you get more toned. You see, being tone is a combination of low body-fat and the tension your muscles have while at rest. By training with heavy weights, you will have more neuro-muscular tension, thus, the better tension your muscles have at rest.

Myth #3: Cardio is the only way to get thin. Do not listen to anyone who tells you that endless cardio will and is the only thing to get you thin. Doing too much cardio is actually counter-productive. It raises cortisol levels and adrenal fatigue. This in turns add stress to you and inhibits your body’s ability to lose fat and add lean muscle.

Myth #4: Starving yourself can make you thinner and look better. This is another popular method used by many who wants quick results. Do not do this at all cost! When you starve yourself and deprive your body of nutrition it needs, it eats away at your lean muscle tissue (this is because fat is easier to maintain than muscle) and though you become smaller, your metabolism decreases exponentially. The end result will be you gaining back all those pounds you lost when you start eating normally again.

Benefits of weight training for females

More lean muscle mass – Muscle takes more calories to maintain than fat, thus, increasing your resting metabolism. Lean muscle tissue is also smaller than fat, which means you will look smaller instead of bigger.

Lose body-fat, look more tone – As you increase your lean muscle tissue, you also lose body-fat and as previously discussed, your muscles will be more toned and you will look shapelier.

Increased health – Weight training helps control your blood pressure, insulin levels, cholesterol and increase heart health as well.

Feel better, look better – The last reason is of course, look better! When you look better, you will gain more self-confidence. Just take a look at actresses like Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba who workout. Do they look ‘bulky’ and have no confidence in themselves? Hell no!

Weight training is definitely safe and good for females. The rewards and returns in weight training is amazing and endless! Start to reap the benefits and health rewards of weight training. Maybe you can look as good as Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz with a couple of months of serious training and strict nutrition!

James Deakin lives in California USA. He is an author of two famous novels, Rage of Angels and When Tomorrow comes. He is also the founder of