Update for Minecraft Xbox 360 New features, mobs and items

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4JStudios has just released a new list of various changes in content for the next update for Minecraft Xbox 360 title update 7. This is a much more detailed list than last week’s and we are going to discuss this expanded list below;

While there is no set release date yet but if you consider the insane amount of detail in the changes we will outline below we are thinking it won’t be long, possibly earlier in January than first expected. The features of the minecraft account are unique and different for the gamers. It will offer more winnings with the correct weapons. The use of the right technique will deliver the desired results. There is meeting of the expectations to have the right results.

Highlights from the title update 7 update for Minecraft Xbox 360;

• Brewing 

You will be able to concoct potions! All you’ll have to do is sit down and experiment.

• Breeding – animal breeding can be accomplished by feeding two similar animals a certain food type and making them “kiss”. This will cause a baby animal to appear. Don’t expect any hanky-panky however, they seriously only kiss.

• EP 

Just like we explained last week there are now experience points that are collected from experience orbs you find while mining, breeding, killing mobs or using furnaces. You can use EP for enchanting.

• Enchanting 

That brings us to enchanting, which we also got into last week. This is a brand new process that utilizes your EP to give special types of abilities to tools, weapons and armor. You will need build yourself a table for enchantment before you can ever get started however.

• Mushroom Biome

A Mushroom Biome is a type of new land. In this land the meek little mushroom has become king! You can find new block Mycelium here as well as Mooshrooms. You can also try to grow a giant ‘shroom.

• Nether Fortress 

This is a structure that appears in the Nether and brings new and exciting blocks to your game. These are the Nether’s version of Strongholds and you should watch out for Blaze found here which can shoot fire at you!

• Skin 

There are brand new skin animations in this update, but only for some skins. This is optional but it can give your game a new look and personality. According to 4JStudios this is something that will be expanded with further updates and even older skins might see a makeover soon.

• New multi

player host option for going back and forth between player’s abilities in order to use and mine items, use doors, place blocks, use switches, attack players or animals and use containers.

  • Newly updated tutorial world with added mini-tutorials and a new biome. There are also new features here.
  • New section on enchantment, brewing, and breeding in the How To Play section.
  • There is now an option to enable or disable custom animations for skin. Keep in mind they are on by default.
  • The music disc quest in the tutorial work is now updated.

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