Top 6 Home Based Businesses for Artists

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Want to make money from home using your artistic talents. Many services such as website design, freelancing and restoration provide many opportunities for artists to be creative while earning an income from home.

Art Restoration

Want to make use of that 18th century vase, you found at the salvage shop? Many artists make a good living restoring antiques and rare pieces of artwork that have become worthless because of various imperfections. Finding online auction sites and trade opportunities can make a profitable home business. Many people who may not be that artistic, find it a bit easier to delve into the art industry through restoration. You don’t have to be the best artist to start an art restoration business, however, it may require a bit of elbow grease and a lot of repair know-how.

Clip Art Production

This type of art business requires very little tools. Many people use clip art for school projects, company logos, and business advertisements. Most do not have the time to look for them online or would prefer not to infringe on copyright laws that can be associated with using copyrighted images. Most computer applications provide ample tools for you to use in producing these images, even your basic painting application can provide all you need to start making these images. You can choose to market your images as download material from your website or you can sell a large collection of your artwork on a portable device, like a CD or DVD collection.

Website Design

For the tech savvy artists, a widely known business, that many have made money on, is designing websites. This may be the most difficult, requiring a great deal of technical knowledge and skill, though many have been able to start profitable businesses centered around custom designed websites. More and more businesses are keeping up with times, by setting up websites for their businesses. Most of them would be willing to pay to have a website tailored to the unique aspects of their business. Using your creativity and applying it to technology, can be a great way to earn money from home.

Art Instruction

As a learned artist, you may be surprised to find out how little people know about art and have never been taught, even the basics of art. Teaching art to young children or older adults who would like to learn could be a great way to put your knowledge to use. You can do this out of your home, at an art studio, or travel to students’ homes. There are also many opportunities to be guest instructors at schools, homes for the elderly and vacation camps.

Cake Decoration

As most artists know, art is not limited to a canvas. Cake decoration can be a very useful service for events and parties. Many people choose starting a cake decoration business if they prefer to stay more on the artistic side of business rather than the culinary side. This type of business may have special requirements, depending on your local laws, in order to operate the business. It is important to make sure you are in abidance with the laws that you may have, before you begin.

Freelance Artist

For the more eclectic artist, freelancing is a great option. You may choose to sell individual pieces of artwork. Many consumers love finding self-made artwork, for their home or office. Listing your pieces on websites and online retail sites, is a great way to promote your work globally.

Being an artistic opens up many doors for a home based business. Many home based entrepreneurs have found ways of making money through services such as art restoration, art instruction and website design.

Working for a fulltime job and as a freelancer are two entirely different things as you cannot hope to have both at the same time as the former is a typical 9 to 6 job while the latter is according to your convenience, provided you complete the job within the fixed timeframe, regardless of whether you work from home or office. If it relates to healthcare, then it is all the more difficult as you would need original content for websites and information about medical website design services is pretty scarce on the internet.

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