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T-Shirts- Proverbial Fashion Statement for New Generation

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There have been many arguments regarding what is right and what is wrong because everyone has a different perspective on this matter and this debate is a never ending one, which is why most people don’t get into it as they feel it is a waste of time.

Times keep changing and people have to mould themselves accordingly so as to move on in such circumstances because change is something that is inevitable to occur in this materialistic world.

Take for example fashion, which takes the argument to a whole new level as what was considered a fashion statement a decade back looks totally outdated now like full shirts were seen fashionable from the 60s to 80s until the advent of designer shirts and jeans, which rendered the former obsolete and today, a suited and booted person is considered a corporate bully working in a multinational organization and bossing his employees, of course this is nothing more than a stereotype that needs to be broken.

High Expectations

When there is something that needs to be decided, you have to make it quick especially now when the festive season is just around the corner with Thanksgiving in a few days and Christmas in a few weeks.

Regardless of season, t-shirts are used for almost all of them including winter even though jacket and anorak are worn on top of it but the fact of the matter is that t-shirts can never go out of fashion.

Irrespective of the age, we have t-shirts in various designs for all age groups that made it to the count in terms of popularity stakes, which means that they can never go out of fashion any time too soon.

We all have high expectations during festivals where designer t-shirts have been a sort of trend that continue to grow but there is an important observation here that needs to be looked into.

The youth brigade is virtually besotted with film stars like Leonardo Di Caprio, Christian Bale and their ilk instead of the true blue heroes of any nation: our army that stands guard at the borders to protect its citizens.

You can always spot an Iraq veteran shirt whenever you visit the country as the people are quite committed to their soldiers and their bravery by acknowledging it

through merchandise and it has little to do with the fact that Iranian film industry is nowhere as prolific as Hollywood.

Nutshell Concept

There are numerous things that can be written about t-shirts because the designs come in various hues where you can list out the best colors as per choice but youngsters, astonishingly, prefer black & white over other colors like red, blue, green, yellow, etc.

It goes without saying that designer color is becoming out of fashion and black/white is coming along back in trend for obvious reasons where people attend official parties wearing black tuxedo and a white shirt inside.

In a nutshell, designs may come and go but t-shirts have always been there no matter which generation it may be and you can find them in every shop that you come across that is associated with garments.


There is a deep sense of patriotism buried deep within the hearts of individuals that love their country that makes them proud of their military, which can be seen whenever bad elements try to destroy the peace and tranquility of any nation.

Military t-shirts are sold like hotcakes on Amazon and Flipkart with the national flag in the front and this practice should be continued so that youngsters come out of their illusion of hero worshipping fake movie stars and embrace their real heroes through t-shirt merchanside.

James Deakin lives in California USA. He is an author of two famous novels, Rage of Angels and When Tomorrow comes. He is also the founder of