Safety First, Especially With Bunk Beds!

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Life on a bunk bed 

Children are a huge fan of bunk beds; also, it takes up less space in the room and makes life easier. But one of the main questions that arise is to what extent are bunk beds safe. While trying to provide the best for children and fulfill their desire, one should also keep in mind that safety comes first with children, and safety comes last.

A child dreams of owning a bunk bed, but there is risk involved. However, it can be prevented with a few steps that are mentioned below. With this, you can help cheer your children and gain confidence, ensuring that your kids are in the right hands and that there is nothing to worry about!


  • Facts show that children do get seriously injured due to bunk beds, especially those around the age of 6 and below.
  • Approximately 36,000 children are affected due to the mishappening that takes place on it.
  • Injuries that happen on bunk beds are usually way more serious than the ones that happen on standard beds.
  • Most of the injuries happen around the neck and the head.

Prevention is better than cure 

  • The installation of guardrails is of utmost importance. The higher the guardrails, the more secure your child is.
  • Ensure placing the bunk bed in the corner of the bedroom so that there are walls on either side, and the child doesn’t fall off.
  • Ensure that you install a night lamp for your child, so he or she doesn’t fall while climbing or getting down the ladder.
  • A bunk bed is not like a Pealeistutav auto. The mattress should not be inflated.
  • Do not hang belts or any other objects on it.

Ensure that the bed is safe and harmful objects are not around. Just like how a Pealeistutav auto bursts when pinned, the same way the child is in danger when there are objects all around.

James Deakin lives in California USA. He is an author of two famous novels, Rage of Angels and When Tomorrow comes. He is also the founder of