Ring- Makes your Finger look Adorable

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People have no qualms for reflecting their fondness for the object of their fancy and leave no stone unturned to obtain it by hook or by crook, which is both astonishing and worrisome at the same time as excessive love develops into a dangerous obsession.

Regarding obsession, it is an emotion that all human beings go through atleast once in their lifetime due to coming across something that tugs at their heartstrings whether it is the love of their life or love for a particular object.

It is the latter part that we are going to talk about today as the former one is outdated and one that we get to see in every second film from all the film industries of the world.

Jewelry Passion

Everyone is quite fond of jewelry, especially the women folk and there is not a day that goes by when they don’t get together for their kitty parties and discuss about cooking, cosmetics, men and jewelries.

They are up to date about any new ornament or necklace to have come out in the market and make a beeline to the nearest jewelry store in their vicinity to purchase it at the earliest.

When it comes to jewelry, it is important to mention about rings as it is something that both men and women can wear in their ring finger whereas other ornaments are limited to women.

Unfortunately, most people cannot afford it as they are quite expensive and are only meant for the elite class while it is a crime for the middle class to even think of buying it for themselves.

This passion for jewelry is indeed admiring for both sexes where one desires to own it and the other does everything in his power to procure it for his beloved to see a that glow of joy on her face.

Types of Ring

There are various types of ring to be worn by both men and women depending upon the situation but how many of you are aware of the average cost of each ring? Very few actually as people are so engrossed with its looks that they only give it a thought when they want to buy it.

An engagement ring costs around $3000 whereas a normal ring is far less but quite important because you cannot wear the same design and model for every occasion you grace your presence with.

Therefore, let us take a look at the different types of ring that men and women can avail:

  1. Wedding Ring- The ring mentioned above is worn at the time of engagement but this one is for the wedding and are made from bands actually
  2. Gold Ring- It is the most popular of all and one that comes in different varieties like white gold, rose gold whereas the purest format is of 24 carats and you boys can buy the best rings for her by
  3. Diamond Ring- Another one that can top the list and are mostly worn for engagements where the diamond is at the centerpiece of the jewelry but with numerous colors and cuts based on the size of the finger

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