Pokemon Go- Mastering the Art Form to Perfection

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It is with beaming pride that people recall their accomplishments up until now and look back at their childhood days in school and the period of adolescence in college where their hard work and burning of midnight oil bore fruit and they were able to secure high marks in their exams and graduate with a degree.

But what would childhood be without the right dose of entertainment where all the young peers get together and make merry together? A childhood merely comprising of studies, schoolbooks, teachers and exams would be boring and monotonous and is virtually impossible to imagine.

Speaking of entertainment, let us begin the article about one of the most popular video games of the 90s that continues to be relevant in the current age due to its everlasting appeal.

Catching on to the Phenomenon

Pokemon Go is the game that has withstood the test of time and endeared itself to the new generation of the post 2000 era, which is quite unique as many video games don’t last beyond a few years and fizzle out quickly in current times.

In such a scenario, it is astonishing that a game nearly two decades old has survived for this long a period and keeps getting popular with each passing day, which we will look up later on.

Pokemon Go was launched in 1997 and was not an immediate success as it was the time when the 80s generation were growing up and were too mesmerized with Swat Kats, Super Mario, Contra and WWF/Wrestlemania to be bothered about anything else.

Furthermore, Pokemon go was a Japanese venture that was launched by Game Freak and the makers did not have high hopes for its success but did hope that it would atleast become a hit in their own country.

However, they were in for a pleasant surprise when its popularity went way beyond their expectations when youngsters across the entire world were enraptured by the new characters called Pokemons and couldn’t stop raving about it.

The video games were a hit in large parts of US, UK, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Asia, etc. where characters such as Ash Ketchum and Pikachu became household names and continue to do so.

New Era Ushering

The credit goes to the makers of Pokemon go for its universal appeal that has seen the 2010 era kids also getting attracted to it but as they are beginners, they aren’t familiar with it apart from creating some Pokemon go accounts.

Some important points on how to master the game:

  1. Understand the pokemons perfectly and catch Pikachu for starters apart from the bigger catches like Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle but keep them off guard by walking away from them and leap forward when they come up
  2. Pokemons have a weakness for razz berries so try feeding them when they are near so that they start trusting you and come up willingly
  3. Keep walking with the Pokeballs ready in your pocket and stop at the regular intervals at Pokestops and use the lure model to get to the creatures at a quick pace


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