Orlando Bike Accident & Injury

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As Orlando car accident lawyers, we have followed the common causes of bike accidents. A recent study demonstrates the following behavior most often leads to a bicyclist’s death: exiting a driveway in front of an on-coming vehicle; turning left in front of a passing vehicle; traveling on the wrong (left) side of the road; traveling on the wrong side of the road; and turning right in front of a vehicle; losing control and swerving into the path of a car or truck; and turning left while unaware of approaching traffic.

Sadly, most of these fatal bike accidents can be prevented. It is important for both bicyclist and driver to recognize the mutual obligations each possesses. Like drivers, bike riders have certain obligations when traveling on or crossing streets and roadways. Indeed, being aware of one’s surroundings and the dangers like those described above would greatly advance a safer biking experience.

Fortunately, bike helmet laws and the use of bike helmets have dramatically increased over the past years. While any bike crash involving a car, truck or suv can cause serious injury or death, the use of bike helmets has minimized the severity of injuries in many cases. This is especially true in low speed and glancing collisions. By providing head protection, the incidence of brain injury can be diminished. Certainly, wearing a bike helmet is a simple measure to provide an extra degree of safety for both adults and children.

As Orlando injury lawyers, we have found that lack of road maintenance too often contributes to bike accidents. Potholes, broken road surfaces and uneven sewer grates can cause serious injury to unsuspecting bike riders. These road defects too often cause or contribute to unnecessary harm.

One legal battle against a municipality resulted in a significant award for a bike rider after finding that a pothole created a trap that the city should have addressed. Another legal claim involved a woman who was paralyzed after her bike wheel got caught in a sewer grate. Neither of these accidents occurred on a designated bike path, which highlights the danger that bicyclists face driving on streets and roads. This can be very stressful. Hence, make sure to hire the right accident attorneys oakwood. Such professional will help you with dealing in all the legal claims. In this frustrating situations, you need someone by your side who has the knowledge and experience in dealing with the legal aspect of the accident.

Examples of road dangers also include large cracks in Orlando roads, like those around Colonial Drive and Orange Avenue. There are sewer covers which appear below the road surface presenting a serious danger to bike riders. Yet, little appears to be done to correct these situations. Obviously, budget concerns cause politicians to dismiss potential dangers when there is not a great out crying of support for a maintenance project. Sadly, as Orlando bike accident lawyers we continue to find dangers on our roads, especially at night, which could easily cause an individual to be thrown off their bike.

When an individual chooses to ride a bike for environmental reasons or health or recreation, there should be safe bike paths along Orlando roads and streets. Orlando is in need of safer bike paths with adequate buffer zones to eliminate or reduce dangers to bike riders. Certainly, better bike paths would assist cyclists in avoiding the dangers of negotiating construction zones and help protect them from cars and other vehicular traffic.

To obtain more information on bike accidents and injury, please feel free to contact us. If you or someone you know has been involved in a bike accident and has questions about your legal rights, we would like to help. Holding people accountable for their wrongdoing can make a difference. There is no excuse for endangering the life of a child or adult bike rider.

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