Natural Ways for Wasp Control

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Wasps, unlike bees, generally die during the winter season, they are not at all bees and they prey on other insects as well as bees as their source of nourishment. Wasps can attack anyone that crosses its path without inducing any provocation on their part and they can repeatedly sting anyone. Not only are they a nuisance at home but may also harm children that are around them. That is why wasp control is encouraged in order to exterminate these pests by this flooring company in Sacrament. Chemical insecticides are usually used in order to eliminate this kind of trouble but a bigger problem may arise for the environment, because insecticides if not used properly may be more likely to spread health problems not only to human beings but to all the living organisms close by. The first thing to consider in protecting those who live inside the home is prevention; always make sure that all entrances and sealed and that the house should be defended by screened doors or windows.

Food sources most especially those that are good sources of proteins should be covered as wasps are attracted just by the smell. Also, avoid swatting as these wasps are most attracted by their fellow’s pheromone which is released when wasps are squashed, so the best thing to do is to avoid them and get one’s self away from nearby nests. 

Another thing to avoid is wearing perfumes and bright colors because these are believed to attract the wasps thinking that they are going for a flower. Natural ways of wasp control also include setting up a trap against these pests. There are traps that are commercially available or anyone could just make their own.

It is important to remember that traps should be emptied daily to prevent the wasps from escaping and creating another swarm. Finally, the most drastic of measures in naturally eliminating wasps come in the form of nest destruction as this may cause the wasps to either die down or move to another place away from the destructive hands of humans. In locating the nest it is important to note the number of swarms around the area as this may point out that the nest is nearby. 

In this process of total destruction, it is most recommended to wear many layers of clothing on top of any part of the body, a headcover is also imperative to protect from possible retaliations. Wasps take their rest during nightfall, so it is advisable to consider the attack at this time as most of them are inside their nest. 

Do not use yellow light as this causes some attraction to wasps and rouse them from their sleep. Slowly approach the area and try not to make too much of unnecessary movements as this will agitate the wasps nearby. Wasp control may be quite an intimidating task but safety should always be the priority that is why environmentalists and health experts discourage anyone from resorting to chemically eliminating pests such as wasps. The most harm may just be inflicted on the individual doing the spray rather than on the target.

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