Must-Know Macro Tips for Each Role in League of Legends

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Are you looking to take your game to the next level in League of Legends? It starts with mastering the macro strategies behind each role. From jungling and ADC to support, we’re here to share the must-know macro tips for each role in League of Legends.

Macro plays are essential when it comes to playing League of Legends properly. Put simply, macro plays are bigger picture tasks that require players to plan ahead and strategize based on their opponent’s moves. This includes warding, keeping track of enemy cooldowns, and manipulating lanes. Mastering these macros takes practice and understanding how they interact with scripting tools like league of legends scripting can give you an edge over your opponents. 

1) Jungler: Controlling your jungle camps 

One of the most important macro skills a jungler should have is the ability to effectively manage their jungle camps. This can give you the advantage of having access to Vision or experiencing from monster kills in your own jungle. Knowing where enemy junglers are also helping you make decisions about ganking and counter-jungling. 

2) Top Laner: Maximising CS 

To maximise CS, top laners should focus on hitting minions last as often as possible, while avoiding taking too much damage from their opponents’ auto attacks or abilities. Last hits grant gold that can be used to purchase items faster than your opponent, giving you an advantage in team fights later in the game. In addition, gaining control of nearby brush will help you maintain visibility against enemies trying to get aggressive on your tower or lane mate. 

3) Mid laner: Harass the opponent 

The main objective for midline laners is usually to try and outmanoeuvre their opponents through harassment manoeuvres, such as using auto attacks and ability combos, while keeping a safe distance from them so that they don’t retaliate. Done correctly, this will force them back or even score some kills, giving your team more room to operate on the map later in the game.  

4) ADC: Positioning & Kiting 

As an ADC, it is important that you stay safe by positioning yourself correctly before engaging enemies during team fights, as well as kiting away from danger when necessary during laning phases or skirmishes over neutral targets like Baron/Dragon etc. Staying alive (while still dealing damage!) is key to sustained success throughout a match, as losing all 5 members quickly can mean certain defeat! 

5) Support: Warding & Roaming

Support players need to be aware of warding in certain parts of the map, depending on what stage of the game they’re in – early/mid/late game etc… This will provide extra eyes against gank attempts, while also helping teammates avoid dangerous situations altogether if spotted quickly enough! Additionally, roaming around different areas can also help set up kills elsewhere when needed, which can be a further advantage down the road to victory!

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