Lessons from the Great Depression: Things the Average Household Doesn’t Need to Buy

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In the current state of the economy and the increased awareness of consumers of spend their money in more efficient ways, there is a great opportunity to take lessons from the Great Depression. There are certain household items that there is no reason that the normal consumer needs to purchase to use on a daily basis. While, it is not going to be recommended in this article to wash and reuse tin foil or sandwich bags, it is going to suggest more some much more reasonable ways to save money by simply reusing things that the average family already has in their possession.

1) Garbage Bags

While, having actual store purchased garbage bags to use in ones kitchen or when someone is having a party are most likely considered to be a necessity. The bags that a person places in the smaller garbage cans in there office, bedrooms, bathrooms or any other rooms in their home, can simply be plastic bags from their local grocery, supercenters or even dollar store that their purchases are placed in when the leave the store. By reusing these bags as garbage bags there are two advantages; one is that the shopping bag will in one sense be recycled and the other is that the person will not be purchasing as many garbage bags.

2) Food Storage Containers

Another item that is not a necessity because an individual can simply reuse an item that they already have in their possession are food storage containers. Numerous foods that a person purchases at the supermarket come in reusable containers; these containers can be washed and reused to hold leftovers, or any other things that a person would like to put in storage containers. The only disadvantage to using these types of containers is that the containers are not always clear. This can be fixed so that the containers do not always have to be opened to determine what is inside by writing on the exterior of the container with permanent marker.

3) Pens and Pencils

Almost all businesses order promotional pens and pencils for advertising purposes. Many of the business that the average person frequents give out pens and pencils all year long. Another place to get pens and pencils without having to purchase them is to pick them up when at conferences, health fairs, informational sessions or any other event where organizations and business hand out their promotional materials.

4) Calendars

Do not purchases wall calendars these can be received for free around the holidays from banks, car dealerships and other businesses that a person frequent. Additionally people might receive them for free in the mail as well from the businesses that they use.

If you don’t want to see yourself seeking assistance from a license moneylender, make sure to be careful on spending the household income of your family. It is always better to be practical, be wise on spending and always consider investing.

James Deakin lives in California USA. He is an author of two famous novels, Rage of Angels and When Tomorrow comes. He is also the founder of