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Learn To Improve Cholesterol And Lose Fat Too

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There has been all sorts of cholesterol-related news out there over the years. Much of it has been good in that there are new ways to understand and manage this kind of condition. Something that has escaped general awareness though is that there is actually good cholesterol that is important to good health. This positive-cholesterol is what we should really be focusing on. This substance, called H.D.L. is significant when dealing with heart-related illness.

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Let me define a few things for you. First, there is L.D.L. which stands for low dense lipoprotein. This is the bad cholesterol that clogs up the blood pathways to your heart. H.D.L. is the high density version of cholesterol that is beneficial to the body. In fact, it helps a lot by fighting against LDL inside your body. It helps police your arteries, keeping them free of debris.

A good level of HDL is over 40mg per Dl. Have your doctor check it and if you need to make it better, you’ll have to go for annual screening. T.C. is your “total cholesterol” that represents L.D.L. and H.D.L. Your total milligrams of cholesterol-content should be around 240.0 or above. If not, you’re going to have heart-disease issues.

There is also a calculation that compares the amount of H.D.L. in your system to the total value of choleterol.

This percentage gives medical personnel the information needed to determine your heart-disease-risk. A recent report from the a leading cardiology magazine that confirms that patients with higher HDL had fewer heart-related problems.

The margin that seemed to make the difference is an elevated H.D.L. of 10 mg. This level resulted in a reduced risk of over 10%.

Does this mean anything to you? Can you go out and increase your H.D.L. number? You’re going to have to get your doc to check your H.D.L. for you. Once that’s done, you can significantly improve your level by losing weight. That’s the best way to improve it quickly.

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