How to Tell If You Need AC Repair

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If you have an air conditioning unit in your home or business, you hope that it will always run smoothly and as it should. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different things that can happen over the course of having a unit that could require repairs. If you aren’t sure if it actually needs a repair, or just to be cleaned and maintained at home, follow the trusted review for air conditioners to get the best tips. These are the most common signs that come from the major issues, signifying the need for an air conditioning professional.

Loud Noises

The first sign that tells you your AC unit needs to be repaired is loud and excessive noises. Your unit most likely used to run very quietly and quite efficiently. If it is suddenly making loud noises when you have it turned on, turned up high or when clicking it off, there is most likely an issue that needs to be repaired. Even if it is nothing major, the repair company can do a simple check of the unit to let you know whether or not a repair needs to be done. Some of these noises are subtle, while others are loud and screeching, so keep that in mind.

Low Airflow

Another way to tell if you need to get AC repairs is if the airflow coming from it is not ideal. The first thing you should do if it has weakened or low airflow is to clean the metal coils and replace or clean the air filter. These things are very easy to do. However, this doesn’t always fix the problem. If you know the AC machine is very clean and maintained but you are still not getting as much airflow as you should, it is time to call a professional to have it looked at.

Lack of Cooling

Even if you do have good airflow, you might not feel the same coldness as you used to when air blows out. If it feels more like lukewarm air even when turned on the lowest possible temperature, it is time to call someone for repairs. It is likely out of refrigerant, which is like a coolant for AC units, or it has a problem with the internal cooling system of the AC unit. Those needing Phoenix air conditioning knows that the heat means you’ve got to have a working unit. Either way, the repair company an come in and have it diagnosed and fixed in no time.

These are the most common signs that you need repairs, but also consider your energy bill. If you have been using AC the same amount as usual but suddenly your energy bill is higher, it might need emergency AC repair.

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