How To Survive Apartment Living

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Renting an apartment may be the ideal solution for someone who has just moved from home, is attending college, or just needs somewhere to stay for a few months. Although it may not be cheap, it is a great way to maintain independence without the commitment of buying a house or “settling down”. Apartment life does come with its drawbacks, though.

When first moving into an apartment, it is extremely important to do a thorough investigation of the condition the apartment is in. Go from room to room and make a note of any holes in the walls, spots on the carpet, or anything that is not in perfect condition. Most landlords will provide a check-off list when a resident first moves in. It is very important to not miss a thing because, when you move out, you will be the one paying for everything that is not in perfect shape.

Keep phone numbers of the managers, maintenance people, and anyone you may need to contact while living in the apartment. If anything breaks down, if there is a leak, or if there are problems with the air conditioning, let someone know immediately. Usually they will try to fix the problem right away. The last thing you want is to be charged after moving out for something that you did not break.

With most apartment rentals, you will have very little choice in the design aspect. There are ways to make your rental cozier while you are living there, however. With a few pictures on the walls and some colorful throw pillows, you should feel right at home. Be careful with candles, though – a lot of landlords do not like to have their residents burning candles in the apartments (as it is a fire hazard).

You will probably want to buy a pair of earplugs right now. Some apartment buildings are quiet and secluded, but many are right in the middle of town where there is traffic constantly driving by. I live right next to the railroad tracks and have to listen to trains going by all night. And then there are the other residents – pickup trucks and snowmobiles revving their engines, loud music, and people yelling and running up and down the stairs. If you want to get any sleep at all, you might want to invest in a set of earplugs. The living in the apartment situated in Penrose should be great. The availability of the stairs should be great for running up and down with convenience. The arranging of the loud music is beneficial to meet with the requirements and needs within the budget.

Upon moving out, you will want to go through the apartment and do a thorough cleaning of the place. Wipe everything down, scrub out spots, and clean the floors. As I said, they will find every little spot and speck of dirt to take out of your safety deposit.

Apartment life is not all bad, though. It comes with the freedom from living with your parents, maintenance and yard work is already done and, a lot of times, utilities are paid for. If you decide to rent an apartment, just remember my advice and you will be fine.

James Deakin lives in California USA. He is an author of two famous novels, Rage of Angels and When Tomorrow comes. He is also the founder of classof2k9.com