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Haircut- Ancient Practice In Modern Times

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We are familiar with the age old saying ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ but how many people can you find that adhere to it? Sadly, very few and far between, especially the youngsters, for whom physical beauty is the only thing while behavior and nature are nothing much for them.

While there are certain people who do follow this theory, others are of the opposite opinion as they feel that exterior looks are everything while a person’s nature and deeds clearly take a backseat which is simply not the case and thankfully, this age old theory is slowly being challenged by the naysayers and it is hopeful that the myth completely breaks down in the near future.

The problem is that today’s youngsters take the wrong path in their bid to look good and attractive because they crave for attention and adulation for their looks, especially from the opposite sex as they feel that they are the ultimate judges in this matter.

Hair Raising Philosophy

We are already into the second decade of the 21st century but the world has become modern only through technological and scientific advances while mankind is still backwards and orthodox in his thoughts and actions and the above points serve as proof.

Let us discuss about the oldest technique that is a foolproof way to look attractive and handsome, which is called haircut and still used in modern times as you can’t live without frequenting the local barber shop or a Porsche saloon to get rid of those extra locks that look incongruous on your beautiful facial features.

Hair cutting has been prevalent right from the ancient times when salons and beauty parlors were unheard of and therefore to have access to a barber shop or even being able to afford a haircut was considered a matter of royalty.

In times of yore, barbers used to have this philosophy of first come first serve and they would never break this rule for anyone, irrespective of whether you were a king or the common man as they felt that each and everyone deserves to look good, which is quite hair raising (pun intended) to fathom that they wouldn’t differentiate between the rich and poor.

Facial Structure

Human beings are quite unique species on this planet because while everyone, be it male or female, has the same face, eyes, ears, arms and legs, nose, etc. why does everyone look different?

It is because the size, shape and structure of each person is very different from each other and this is why they can be told apart, unlike the animals that have the same identical features and common names.

Before deciding a haircut, it is important to know about hairstyle and which one will go perfectly with your face so that it looks good on you because you can’t just choose any style of your choice.

Most people aspire to have the hairstyle of their favorite celebrities and don’t bother about the fact that it would look odd on them.

Therefore, here are certain types of haircuts that will help you to choose your style based on your facial structure:

  • Having a distinct face shape is an advantage and one can select the hairstyle for oval, round or square shaped faces perfectly and barbers know well which one to choose from
  • There are certain face structures that are perfect for every hairstyle so it is better to choose your favorite style
  • Short hair is perfect for round face structure so it should be cropped backwards so as to look good on you
  • People having face with a broad head should go for long hair otherwise your head would look too big and would become difficult for you to manage

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