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Get Fast Constipation Relief Now

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Looking for fast constipation relief? There are several options like metrotimes that I want to share with you with the good and bad to think about. If you have a temporary constipation problem, what you can do will be different than if you have a long term problem. Many years ago, I thought I had a constipation problem that just popped up one day and it was temporary but after learning all about constipation, I realized it has been happening over time.

It wasn’t temporary at all.

So I learned about the different ways to relieve short and long-term constipation. The best thing is for your colon to move on its own, so never depend on something long term.

Short Term Quick Constipation Relief


A colonic is a great way to remove the poop from your bowels. But you may have to make an appointment with a specialist to have this done. What happens is, a hose is inserted in your butt, and water flows through it and fills your colon. Then the water is sucked back out and pulls out the poop. This isn’t great if you need something right now. Also, you would have to be comfortable with your bottom being naked and someone inserting the hose into your body.

There is a do-it-at-home setup that you can buy. This colonic board, hose, and container will allow you to do just that. The part of the board with the opening goes over your toilet so all the liquid and poop heads that direction.

Shower Head

One thing I started doing was taking the handheld shower (has a filter on it, doesn’t want chlorine in the colon which will kill the good bacteria) and put it up to my butt and fill my colon with water. Then I go sit on the toilet and let everything come out. Sometimes I go back, fill up with more water, and do it again.


Enemas act in a similar way as the colonic does. You take the object containing the solution, put it in your butt, and squirt it in. You let it sit for a certain amount of time, and release what you can. Then go back and do it again to release everything out.

Enema’s are habit-forming, so if you have to do them frequently, you have a problem that needs some help. Join my newsletter to learn more. Habit-forming means that your colon will stop working properly because you are bypassing its action to have a bowel movement. This will make you dependent on Enemas to have a bowel movement and that is not a good thing.

You can buy enemas at the grocery or drug store if you need something right now. I don’t buy my health products from there because they are usually filled with junk, synthetic ingredients (not good for you no matter what they say), and can be toxic and harmful. If that is the only thing you can get for this temporary fix, go for it but plan for the future.

Here are some do-it-yourself enema products.

  • Enema Bag and Bucket Set
  • Enema Bulb Syringe
  • Enema Shower Kit
  • Enema Bag
  • Laxatives

There are many laxatives out there and they are habit-forming like I explained above about enemas. A laxative is something that you swallow and it will push things from the inside. This tends to take time and isn’t quick like the options above. Your colon can become dependent on this by requiring the “push” from the laxative or it won’t move. So if you use this, make it short term.

If laxatives use senna, this is a very strong herb and can cause damage if used too long. It is very addictive/habit-forming so it should only be used for severe cases.

I share healthy and safe ways for the long term without the use of senna or habit-forming methods in my newsletter.

Tea (Senna)

I have seen teas on the shelves promoting help for constipation. I noticed that they use senna which you should use with caution (see above under laxatives).

Long Term Constipation Relief

If you need help with long-term constipation, then you are in the same situation as me. I went from having a bowel movement every 4 days to having multiple a day. I do take somethings to make that happen while I am helping my body to heal. I discovered what was causing my constipation and it was getting worse because I wasn’t addressing it. Join my newsletter to learn about the long term approach.

James Deakin lives in California USA. He is an author of two famous novels, Rage of Angels and When Tomorrow comes. He is also the founder of