Everything You Need To Know About Rise of Kingdoms

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In Rise of Kingdoms, the players are required to manage and grow a city. There are several different kinds of buildings that you can build for the city in order to contribute to its growth. There are also several different kinds of defense techniques that you can use. These include armies etc. The buildings can also be used for serving different purposes.

For example, there are different buildings for growing resources, training troops, etc. These different buildings serve different purposes. As you advance in the game, you need to know different techniques to defend your city from neighbouring cities, as mentioned by

You need to collect different materials like wood, steel, etc. to build these buildings up. The combat part comes during the interaction between two cities. Each city tries to take the other city down. The game can be played versus other players, or it can be played in the PVC mode. These both are the different ways that people play the game. In Pvc, the player defends their city vs. the computer. In the other version, the player defends their city vs. other players.

How to increase your power in the Rise of Kingdoms?

  • Troops

According to, the best way to increase the power of the troops you have is to train them. It is also important for you to ensure that you keep getting newer troops. However, be sure to train the troops well. The number of troops will not make a difference when the troops are not trained well. It is also important to have toplevel troops; this makes the status of the army stronger.

  • Technology

The best and only way to build upon your technology in Rise of Kingdoms is to research and invest in the different technologies available in your academy. Investing in technology gives the army a better standing ground. It also makes the city look very advanced and helps with the overall growth of the city too.

  • Building

The building power of the city can be increased rather easily. The only step that the player is required to take is to invest in buildings. This means to buy more buildings and regularly upgrade them as the game progresses. Building upon the buildings will help make the city stronger. It also helps in making the growth rate of the city increase tremendously

  • Commanders

Increasing the commander’s power is rather easy. All the player is required to do is to keep leveling up the Kingdom’s commander. It is important to upgrade their skills and their overall talents in the game. This makes the city stronger and better.

These are the things that you need to know when playing Rise of Kingdoms. Keeping all this information in mind will help ensure that you advance rather quickly in the game. It will also ensure that you keep growing the different areas of your Kingdom with the same level of concentration. It makes your game better.

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