Enjoying Your First Vape Meet

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As a vaper, your resolution for the coming year is probably to be more serious and dedicated to vaping. One way you can achieve his is by attending a vape meet. To successfully attend your first vape meet, below are some of the things that you need to remember and follow.

Attending Your First Vape Meet

This could be a very exciting ad overwhelming at the same time. It is exciting because you will meet those people you used to chat online with. It is exciting to attend a vape meet because you could do your vape shopping with some special promos and discounts from vendors rather than ordering the vaporizer or the vape liquid online. There would be giveaways that are also something to look forward to. Of course, the excitement would be intensified once the party begins.

Nonetheless, you might also find the excitement very overwhelming when you start worrying about what you might endure during the vape meet you will attend for the first time. You might feel worried about feeling a lot and out of place in the crowd. You are anxious and concerned about what to do when you are already there. On the first meeting of vapers, you will attend, it is only fitting that this first time should be filled with joy instead of anxiety and fears.

Expect that your excitement might even deprive you of some sleep so you better recharge your body by taking vitamins or even drinking milk.

Warm Welcome

You would be greeted by hugs from people in the event. This could be expected if you have talked to other vapers online and told them you would meet them in the vape meet. Once you are there and vapers have greeted and talked to you, you would feel as if you have known these people for a long time.

Meeting The Vendors

Once the venue is opened, you need to get around the venue to see who are the vendors joining the meet. Take a look at what they offer and observe the energy and enthusiasm of vendors in calling the attention of vapers.

It is important that you feel comfortable with the vapers and especially with the vendors from whom you plan to buy your stuff. It is highly likely that vendors will offer a free sampling of their offered stuff and while vaper samples their products, they will try to start a conversation with them.

Also, it is possible that it is also the first time for a vendor to join an event like that for vapers so this is an ice breaker topic for you and the vendor. This could be the start of a business relationship and a wide business network for you.

Mingling With Others

If you are the host and this is the first vape meet you will host, expect that at least one person will recognize you so be sure to be polite and accommodating to everyone. They might ask you several questions about the event. As the host, you need to actually mingle with everyone, vendors, and common vapers alike.

When mingling with other people, remember that you are your own person, the etiquette and proper behavior is expected from each attendee so you must conform to the rules and policies that the host has decided to imply.

When a vendor is giving away some freebies, it is only proper to behave well instead of act violently or aggressively just to get the giveaway for yourself.

Smile when other vapers smile at you instead of giving them cold stress because you are too shy to respond to them. Act in a way that is not annoying or intimidating to other people so that they will like your company and you would be able to build long-term friendships with them.

You might want to hang out with a group with whom you feel comfortable with. You could share a drink or a vape and start bonding with them.

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