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Different Exercise Routines Without A Gym

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Relying on a gym for regular exercise isn’t always ideal. It’s time-consuming to go back and forth, it can be expensive to get a membership and it’s easy to make excuses not to go. If you’re looking for a simpler way to exercise, try devising a few routines you can do at home. They don’t require any special equipment, and they’re just as effective as a trip to the gym. According to Westword, these are probably the best ways through which get in shape without any fitness routine. 

Daily Walks

Walking is one of the easiest, most effective, and most convenient exercise routines. You can walk from anywhere, at any distance and in almost any weather. It’s easy on your joints and muscles, yet it elevates your heart rate and encourages enough movement to tone your body. According to the Cleveland Clinic, a regular exercise routine of brisk walking can improve the overall health of the immune system, including boosting the response of T cells and antibodies.

Walking by itself is a healthy habit, but you should strive to round out your routine with strength and flexibility exercises as well. According to the American Council of Exercise, a well-balanced workout routine should always include elements of cardio exercise, strength training, and flexibility, so stretch before and after your walks and supplement by lifting light weights on off days.

Partner Yoga

Yoga focuses on flexibility, strength, and muscle building, elements that are often left out of gym workouts or aerobic-focused routines. The poses are effective at reducing stress and encouraging relaxation, and after you’ve taken a few classes and learned proper techniques, it’s simple to do them at home or even outdoors. You can balance your routine with cardio work as well by quickly moving from one pose to another or choosing poses that are challenging enough to elevate your heart rate. It’s optional to do your yoga with a partner, but the Harvard Medical School notes that exercising with a buddy helps many people stick with a routine longer and complete their exercises more effectively.

Sports Practice

The Mayo Clinic recommends cross-training or incorporating a variety of activities that work different muscle groups into your exercise routine. Signing up for a sports team or intramural league is an effective way to fulfill that suggestion because practices often include drills and conditioning activities that balance all exercise requirements with strength training, aerobics, and flexibility movements. Since sports practices are often seasonal, you can conduct independent training sessions during the off-season, play indoors or pick up a different seasonal activity during inactive months.

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