Check if You Qualify For Lemon Law Relief And Be Trouble Free

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We all know it, not all vehicles that manufacturers churn out will be perfect. Some will be defective as well. If you happen to be an unlucky customer who got stuck with a defective vehicle, you suffer due to a persistent issue in it. You seem to have taken endless trips to the mechanic, but in vain. If this is relatable, do not lose hope. Each state in the country has Lemon Laws to protect owners of defective vehicles. If you qualify, you will get a refund or even a replacement. So, Find the best Lemon Law lawyer in Long Beach, CA.

What is the Lemon Law?

If you are wondering what this fruit is doing in a vehicle-rated law, here is a brief history. People used the word lemon to describe something worthless. It gradually became a reference to defective cars. Another explanation is that lemon is sour, and thus the term may also refer to a bad experience with a product/service. 

What does Lemon Law do? The specifics of the law differ from state to state. However, here is a general idea. The law aims to provide relief for vehicle owners whose vehicles have a problem even after repeated attempts to fix it. A few pointers to remember are – 

  • you should have bought the vehicle first-hand 
  • it should still be under the warranty period
  •  even after several attempts, the problem persists.

The Lemon Law applies not just for cars, but other vehicles such as trucks, vans, boats, motorcycles and recreational vehicles as well. 

Does your vehicle qualify for relief?

There are some conditions that your vehicle should fulfil, to see if your lemon qualifies for relief under this law. The vehicle’s defect must be covered under warranty. The issue should have started within a specified period or a specific number of miles. To qualify, the problem should be big enough to affect the vehicle’s price or safety.

If you realize that you are stuck with a lemon, check your state’s definition of a lemon. If your car’s defect qualifies, you can get the issue resolved either through a lawsuit or arbitration. With a lawsuit, you either represent yourself in court or proceed through an attorney. Several websites help you find the best Lemon Law lawyer in Long Beach, CA. In arbitration, both the parties privately resolve the dispute rather than going to court. 

Generally, having a Lemon Law attorney represent you in court can be more beneficial to you rather than solving the issue through arbitration as the latter’s result may not be as unbiased as a court’s decision. 

How to begin a trial?

If you have a defective vehicle, you may go to trial. You are allowed to represent yourself or hire a lawyer. However, experts would recommend you to find the best Lemon Law lawyer in Long Beach, CA, to represent your case. An experienced lawyer can help you in getting the maximum compensation possible. A lawyer is well-aware of the processes and can thus handle your case more efficiently than you would.

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