Buying Guide


After introducing the internet, users are having an easy time accessing any website and application for their work. Every task can be easily done using a specific application. Whether it is finding your favorite music or booking a hotel, applications are made for every purpose. Some of the applications offer more functions so that the user does not have to download different applications. There are several application developers where applications for pour PC are available. This makes it easier for users to find the application without any problem. Some of the best windows ten applications for your new pc are mentioned below:

  1. Enpass

Due to the excess use of the internet, people have to create accounts on different platforms. Whether it is a social media platform or any email account, access has to be given to enjoy the application’s features. Access can only be done when the user has the email and password of that account. Enpass protects the password so that any third party cannot have access to it. Hackers have become very advanced now, but as long as there are applications like Enpass, the user does not have to worry about their password getting into the wrong hands.

  1. Spotify Music

Life has become tough for everyone, and there are very few things that make them feel happy. Music is one of the very few things that can calm anyone’s mind and let them enjoy their life. Gone are the days when you had to download songs by using different websites because it requires a lot of effort and research. This is why there are applications like Spotify where more than a million songs are available. The users can listen to any song according to their mood. This application also offers a subscription that will block any advertisement that might create any user disturbance.

  1. Internet Browser

The internet is a big world where new features are offered to the users to make their life simpler and more fun. To search any particular would have been difficult a few years ago with browsers that let the user find anything using the internet. The search takes less than one minute. Along with the search feature, users can also get the latest news updated with things going around them. They are not required to download any additional news application for getting news updates properly.

  1. Download Manager

The internet is a very strong tool that can make any task possible for users. If the user wants to download any movie, song, or any file, they are free to do so. This has also made website developers create special websites where different entertaining things are available. By accessing different websites, the users can easily find a certain website for downloading their choice of files. You would need an application like a download manager so that the download’s progress can be displayed and saved safely on the computer. This application will also remind the user about any previous file download that they must have forgotten.

  1. TreeSizeFree

The users are free to download any file, movie, picture, or song without any issues. There is a limited space provided on any device, which has to be kept in mind before saving any file on the device. Once the space is filled, the user has to download files from the device. Using TreeSizeFree, the user can check the storage of their device and delete the files that are taking more space.

These applications have made the life of users simple and full of entertainment. It is important to have these applications on your pc.